Why Suggest You Buy Highlight Wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 18 2023

Highlight is a new style of colored lace front wigs to make your hair look more attractive and especially fashionable. There are not many hairs dyed on high-gloss wigs. This is a hot topic in hairdressing circles this year. There is a saying in the fashion world that "you are not welcome without bright spots".

Why do you recommend a highlight wig?

It is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue to keep the same hairstyle all the time, so many black women began to use colorful lace front wigs in various colors in order to prevent the hairstyle from looking too monotonous. Many people like classic black or brown. Although it is beautiful and elegant, they will feel tired after a long time. Glow wigs show a sense of layering through the superposition of hair color, fully showing the beauty of delicate hair color.

How to choose highlighted wigs?

Within two colors: When you are looking for a good highlight wig, don't have more than two colors. It is best to match two colored wigs with the same hue to create a sense of hierarchy. This is the most basic rule. Glow wigs are a good choice.

Virgin hair: The material of hair is very important, and some are also called virgin hair. It is unprocessed, without glue or any other chemicals. 100% virgins' hair ends are healthy and there is no bifurcation. You can bleach, dye, curl and straighten again to make a hairstyle you like, but you should be careful in the right way, otherwise you will damage your hair wig.

150% density is the best: in ordinary hair lace wigs, there are usually three densities to choose from, 130%, 150% and 180%. The higher the density of hair, the thicker it is. I think 150% is the best density, and the price and hair density are moderate, which is very suitable for highlighting the color of layers. If you want your high-gloss wig to have a thicker effect, you can choose a density of 180%, but the price will be more expensive.

Medium brown Swiss lace: Swiss lace is the most popular fabric in the market. It is sturdy and durable. Sew the hair on the lace, and then tie a knot on it. Medium brown makes your high-gloss wig more transparent and natural.


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