Why choose a 100% human hair wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 13 2023

Wigs can refresh a person's image. A simple wig can inject freshness into our life and let us find a different self. That's why wigs are loved by many people. Of course, what you pay is what you pay. We recommend buying 100% real hair. The reason will be explained in detail in the article.

There are three main types of customers wearing wigs: physiological needs, professional needs and daily needs.

Physiological needs

Nowadays, people with hair loss are getting younger and younger. The fast-paced 21st century has brought more and more pressure to many people. Overwork and excessive stress can lead to pathological hair loss. From small to large, from ancient times to today, we can feel the role of appearance in the quality of life. We do not advocate the concept of judging people by their appearance, and appearance is not everything, but we must admit that a person's image will always affect the feelings of ourselves and the people around us. Therefore, when people get sick, such as cancer chemotherapy, they need a perfect wig to restore confidence and reshape their image. When we are satisfied with ourselves, we will be more confident and more efficient.

Professional needs

Some specific industries need to wear wigs, especially in the beauty and makeup industries. Actors and models are used to create more styles, complete role-playing and special styles at work.

Daily necessities

Black women's own hair will not grow too long, and their hair is relatively curly and dry, which makes it difficult for black women to meet their pursuit of diversity and beauty. Therefore, wigs are the daily needs of black women, just like eating and dressing.



Now we know why people wear wigs. The market is full of wig materials, such as human hair, synthetic hair and synthetic hair. How should we choose? If the budget allows, we suggest first: 100% true wig for the following reasons.

100% Natural Appearance

The headdress of human hair is made of 100% unprocessed human hair, so it looks natural and healthy. On the contrary, chemical fiber hair looks too bright, giving people a feeling of wig and cheap. From a tactile point of view: real people's hair is soft and smooth, and it is smooth from your hand to the end. It has a certain weight on the hand, because real human hair contains enough nutrients and health elements. On the contrary, the touch of chemical fiber hair is plastic.

In terms of taste: human hair basically has no taste. When you use your favorite shampoo and conditioner, the smell of these hair care products will stay in your hair and make people feel relaxed. On the contrary, chemical fiber hair will inevitably have a pungent smell after chemical treatment, which will affect the mood of wearing it and threaten its health.

Comfortable Wearing Experience

If you have experience in chemical fiber hair and real hair mask, you will find that real hair mask is more breathable and scalp comfort is higher. Of course, when we exercise or the temperature is too high, we all sweat, which is normal.
Unlike artificial hair, you can wear real hair all day without causing excessive sweating or scalp discomfort.

Easy Dyeing

Real people's hair can be bleached and dyed. We know that different hair colors will bring completely different changes. The dyeing of human hair is very simple, because it will not produce uneven color and no color like our own hair dyeing. But any dyeing will have a certain impact on the health of hair. Whether it's your own hair or a real headscarf, you should be careful.


Real people can change the shape of their hair at will, such as straightening and curling their hair into different curves. You can create different hairstyles according to your preferences and different dress styles.

Longer Service Life

Human hair lives longer than chemical fiber hair. Real hair is a cosmetic consumable that you can't buy for a lifetime. But as long as we keep it properly, in general, real wigs can be used for a year or more. Because once the hair is cut from the hair donor, there is no scalp and body to provide nutrition, which is why our post care is particularly important.

Easy To Take Care Of

Real hair protectors, like the long hair on our own scalp, need regular care. Shampoo ensures that the hair is clean and fresh. Conditioner provides nutrition for the hair and makes the hair feel smoother, shiny and elastic. With the same time and energy to take care of your hair, you will be able to maintain a real human wig.

After reading our introduction, when facing a variety of headwear, is it easy to choose the headdress that suits you? I hope these tips are helpful to you. Alibonnie wigs shop have a variety of real human hair wigs for you to choose from. You can buy them at ease ~ welcome to buy.



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