What type and brand is the best 100% human hair wigs for African American women?



Posted on June 14 2021

Before we go ahead to list our best custom made African American wigs, here is a couplet to the beauty that exists in all of us:

“At her first glance, soldiers would lose their town;

At her second, a monarch would lose his crown.”

These lines are from a famous Chinese poem called “Beauty in the North” about a beautiful lady with such beauty that the men who saw her fell in love. This beautiful lady had straight long black hair with beautiful texture.

There are many types and brands of wigs for African American women, but not all manufacturers use 100% human wigs. Only well-known hair system vendors and brands sell what you're looking for.

The perfect tight curly, long straight, braided wig is absolutely gorgeous, which is the dream of African American women. My cousin lives in Miami and likes to do her hair. However, she didn't have enough volume to complete it. So I decided to give her a long wig on her birthday.

So I found a new brand--Alibonnie. Alibonnie hair are made from real human hair and have more breathability, durability & natural look.  So, I ordered 1 blackish long straight wig & 1 perfect tight curls for my cousin. They delivered within 15 days from the order and I also got some discount from the company on my first order. 

You can contact the company for at alibonnie@outlook.com for your hair replacement related queries and suggestions or order directly from the website.