What is a glueless wig and how to wear it?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 12 2023

Are you tired of wearing that kind of wig that needs gel and glue? The glueless wig here is your choice. So what is a wig without glue? No gelatin wig, no glue lace wig, made of front lace (closed) and stitched on the wig cap, or all lace wig, with adjustable ribbon on the back, a ribbon around the hairline, totally different from the traditional wig, and the traditional wig should be glued or gelled.


Glueless wigs are safer to use and can be worn 24 hours a day because they are harmless to our health and natural hair and can be easily removed without disturbing our natural hair, edges and skin. In addition, since glue free lace wigs don't need glue, you can take off your wig at the end of the day.

How to wear a hairpiece without glue?

Then you may want to know how to install this wig.

1) You should wear a lace front wig

Buy a lace wig with a comb in the wig cap and usually an adjustable shoulder strap at the back. The key point is that the combs (three or four) are also set on the left and right sides, in the front or back, in the lace front wig cap.


2) Braid our natural hair into corn braids

Prepare your hair. For long hair, braid it, short hair, a wig cap is enough.

3) Cleanliness preparation

Clean your forehead and hands and remove dirt and grease that may damage the effect of the lace front wig.

4) Cut off the excess lace

Cut off the excess lace to cater to our hairline.

5) Installation of glueless wig

Put a lace wig on your head. Use our natural hair to stably clamp the comb inside, and adjust the size of the hat by adjusting the band to match our head for comfort.

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