What do you know about a u part wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 15 2023

The u part wig is made of hair weft without lace. It has a u part opening at the top, which is the origin of its name. This opening allows your hair to weave naturally to obtain a supernatural hairline.

There are 3 clips around the u part opening and 1 clip on the back to facilitate safe installation. The size of the u part opening of alibonnie hair is 2"X3.75", which is the space you can leave for natural hair. The position of this opening also has different designs. It can be on the left, in the middle, or on the right, which means that you can separate it arbitrarily, in the middle or correctly.

3.75"X2" U Part Wig

Why is u part wig one of the most popular wigs now?

First of all, your hair is supernatural, because what leaks out is your real scalp, which is better than any lace.

A u part wig makes you look sewn, but you don't have to bear the pressure of your hair. Knitting for a long time will put pressure on the head and our scalp will be injured. Therefore, it is very important to liberate the hair from the tension on the top of the head, especially the sensitive temple.

When we have a u part wig, we don't have to drive to a distant salon, sit there for a few hours, and then pay the stylist hundreds of dollars, because the u part wig is really easy to install. We can get such an effect in the salon at home, simple and fast, which saves us a lot of time and money.

u part wig is also a style to protect natural hair. It's clipped to your braid, doesn't need any glue, and it's easy to take off. You don't need to wipe the glue with alcohol like wearing a lace wig.


How to choose a suitable u part wig?

To choose a u part wig that suits you, the most important thing is the texture. For most people, twisted straight hair is the first choice, because it is closest to natural hair, so it can be well mixed with your natural hair, coupled with the real hairline, no one will say you wear a wig. In addition to the twisted straight hair, alibonnie's hair has a variety of other textures to meet your different needs.

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