What Are Goddess Braids?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on September 04 2023

Although not a new natural style by any means, goddess braids have become increasingly popular recently. You can style your natural hair into goddess braids in a variety of creative ways. Of course, if you can't do it yourself, you can seek the help of a stylist or just go shopping for a goddess braid wig. So what exactly are goddess braids? If you’re wondering about this, read on to learn more!

What Are Goddess Braids?

Goddess braids are thick, straight-back, feed-in cornrows or separate braids (usually) with curls or waves added to the ends. If you're still confused about what goddess braids really are, here's a hint: They're pretty much your usual protective cornrows, just bigger and chunkier. Regardless, this is a stunning hairstyle that is perfect for every woman who wants to be a goddess queen, bold, regal or bohemian look.

Are goddess braids worth trying?

Goddess braid hairstyles look stunning in any braid style. You can wear your hair in an updo, low bun, ponytail, high bun, braids, the possibilities are endless.

Like other protective styles, goddess braids help protect hair from external damage and promote hair growth by minimizing handling and styling. Plus, because goddess braids are larger than other protective braids, like cornrows or box braids, they can distribute weight more evenly across your scalp, reducing tension.

Because of their larger size, installation time usually takes much less time than traditional box braids or cornrows. Planning time ranges from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on your knitter and the complexity of the pattern.

Some goddess braids hairstyles that you will love

Micro goddess braids


Micro goddess braids are perfect for those who want to experiment with looks without adding too much hair. Plus, it does show off beautiful curly ends and separate braid strands.


Mixed goddess braids


While goddess braids tend to be chunkier than other braid styles, there's no reason you can't have a mix of braids. Alternating thicker goddess box braids with thin braids in the hair can create a more unique look.


Knotless goddess braids


If you want to have goddess braids without adding extra weight to your head, try knotless goddess braids. It's a great lightweight alternative to other goddess braid styles.


Side goddess braids


If you prefer a side part, you can easily complete the look with long goddess braids. Just decide where to part your hair and watch the magic begin!


Long goddess braids


What's more goddess-like than long braids? Opt for extra-long goddess braids with curly ends for a princess look.

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