Tips For Staying Cool And Comfortable With Wigs In Summer

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on July 06 2023

Wigs have many uses, they give you a new glamorous look and protect your natural hair. Best of all, wigs prove to be the ideal solution for anyone looking to cover up hair loss. But in the hot summer, whether to wear a wig has become a new problem.

If you find that your wig gets hot and uncomfortable during the summer months, you're not alone. Wig discomfort in warm weather is a common complaint of wig wearers. Here are some tips to help you stay cool and comfortable while wearing your wig on a hot summer day.

How to stay cool and comfortable in summer?

Choose a shorter style

From pixie hairstyles to long bobs, opting for shorter styles of wigs is a great way to change up your look and keep it cool in the warmer months. If you want to keep things cool, you'll get the best results with a hairstyle that's shorter than shoulder length. Bob wigs are ideal when you want to be outdoors in summer.

Try wearing a wig band under your wig

Similar to headbands, wig bands are made of soft, thin fabric. The wig band can help reduce the pressure on the wig cap and make it more comfortable to wear. Some wig bands even have silicone strips on the inside to help keep the wig in place on the head.

Choose a light color hair wig

As we all know, darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors. Therefore, you should choose to wear light-colored wigs in summer to keep you cool and comfortable. It's a good idea to wear different shades of brown wigs instead of black or dark wigs. You can also wear bold colors such as green, purple, yellow, red or orange wigs as these colors absorb less heat.

Wash your wigs regularly

In summer, excess oil and sweat can collect on the base material of the wig. If the wig is not washed frequently, the amount of deposits will increase. Due to this buildup, the wig cap feels heavier and hotter. In general, human hair wigs need to be washed after being worn 8-10 times. During the warmer months, you should try to wash your wig frequently so it feels light and keeps your scalp cool.

Opt for the most breathable wig cap

When it comes to scalp comfort, the design of the wig cap plays an important role. Different types of wigs have different wig cap structures. To stay cool and experience the highest level of comfort during the warmer months, you can opt for the latest designs of air wig caps.

Use accessories to your advantage

Adding hair ties or bobby pins to your wig not only personalizes your look, but also helps keep hair from covering your face. Try bobby pins or even sunglasses to help keep your brow cool. If you're wearing a longer wig, you can also try a low ponytail to keep hair from getting around your neck.

Final verdict

Some wigs can make you feel hot and uncomfortable on a hot day, but you don't have to sacrifice your wig for that. All you have to do is to choose the most ideal wig type according to hair length, hair type and wig cap structure, etc. If you want a wig that keeps you cool and comfortable in summer, welcome to Alibonnie to choose.