The Quick Guide On 1B Hair Color

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on June 28 2023

What is 1b hair color?

Generally speaking, black hair has two colors: 1 and 1B. Hair color #1 is jet black, the darkest of all blacks, and 1B is as dark as natural black hair.

As one might guess, the "b" in 1b means black. 1B hair color, also known as off-black, is considered the most natural choice compared to jet black, which is very rich in tone and has a dark texture.

From a distance, 1B hair looks completely black, but when you look closely, you can see that it is not 100% black.

1B Human hair also has random color variations - usually gray and brown hair. It's more like a natural black hair color because it's real human hair.

When it comes to human hair weaves, 1B hair color is usually untreated and healthier than other color treated hair.

Is 1B hair color suitable for me?

1b hair color is suitable for all skin tones, but there are still some things to consider when dyeing your hair 1B or buying a wig in that color.

1B hair color is suitable for all skin tones, but 1B hair color (more natural) is a better choice for those with darker skin tones.

If you have light skin and want a 1B hair color, consider how well it matches your skin tone. Darker hair color can distract from fair skin, so use makeup to your advantage (for example, by wearing bright red lipstick to balance hair and skin tone).

People with thinning hair should avoid hair color 1B or any dark color. These may make the scalp more visible. Shoulder-length hairstyles or highlights 1B hair color will be the best options to add depth and make the hair appear fuller.

How to get 1B hair color?

There are two main ways to get 1b hair color:

1. Buy 1B human hair wigs from online stores that will not have any effect on your natural hair. However, due to problems with the computer display screen or light and angle, you may find that the hair color does not exactly match your ideal color after receiving the product.

2. Dye your natural hair to a 1B hair color with semi-permanent hair dye, which can cause your hair to become discolored, dry and damaged. So before you color your hair in general and 1B in particular, ask yourself if you're really ready for the decision.


When buying hair online, you can choose from a variety of hair colors. Alibonnie has a variety of different 1b hair colors to choose from, including 1B/27, 1B/99j, 1B/613 color, etc. You can choose freely according to your needs.