The best way to care for lace front wig

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 23 2023

In modern life, wigs are important decorations for many people. People wear wigs and different clothes to make themselves look more beautiful. Wigs can change women's style and make women look more beautiful. At the same time, wigs are very expensive, so how can we better protect wigs so that they can surpass time and always maintain a natural state.


There are three different wigs:

1. Full lace human hair wigs: handmade with full cap. No hard comb, no falling off. All lace human wigs are suitable for role-playing or dramatic roles.

2. Lace front wigs: semi manual and semi machine sewing. It's cheaper than all lace human wigs. The difference between the two is the size of the lace.

3. Machine sew wig: All machines are sewn,easy to take care of. There will be different hair quality. Ordinary hair can only maintain the original hairstyle, but high-quality hair can be dyed, permed or bleached according to your needs.


Here are some daily hair care tips:

1. Choose a shampoo suitable for your hair

Shampoo should be colorless and tasteless. Many shampoos on the market contain synthetic surfactants, which have strong cleaning ability, but are easy to hurt people's wigs. It is best to choose weak acid shampoo without additives such as pigments, spices and preservatives to reduce the stimulation to human wigs

2. Correct Shampoo steps

The hair is wet and fragile. You can pour the shampoo on your hand, gently wipe the shampoo with water, and then touch your hair. After washing your hair, dry it completely.



3. Try to do less hairstyle

The ironing agent itself will automatically destroy the scales on the hair surface. Scales fall off and fur is lost. Once lost, it will reduce the moisturizing ability of hair, resulting in dry hair. So you can buy your favorite wig directly. Bob, deep wave, wavy body, curly wig, etc. 

4. Oil your hair regularly

Frequent hair care, especially those who often dye and perm, the loss of hair quality is serious. If you often take care of your hair, it can repair the quality of your hair, help supplement the nutrition of your hair, and quickly alleviate the dryness of your hair.



Hairstyle is really important for people. A suitable hairstyle will make people more temperament and charm. Choosing a hairstyle will enhance your affinity. If you want a good quality, beautiful and natural wig, this is a good choice.


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