The Best Brown Hair Color Ideas You Can't Miss

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on July 04 2023

Are you considering changing up your hair color for the new season? Brown hair offers a beautiful and classic style that is one of the trendiest options. Brown hair is not just one shade.


Brown hair color is actually pretty versatile, with everything from soft, sun-kissed browns and caramel highlights to deeper, darker chocolate tones and coffee brown colors. No matter where you want to start, there are plenty of beautiful shades to consider.

How to Choose the Right Brown Shade for Your Hair?

Before we look at some of the most popular brown hairstyles for women, it is first important to understand which shade of brown to choose. When choosing the right shade of brown, it's important to consider your skin tone, a general rule of thumb is:


Warm skin tones


To determine if you have a warm complexion, you should look at the underside of your wrist. If the veins are green, you likely have a warm-toned complexion, which means warm brown hair colors will look great.


Neutral skin tones


If your veins are blue and green, it means you have a neutral complexion. That means just about any dark brown hair color is a good choice.


Cool skin tones


Finally, if your veins are blue and pink, you may have a cooler skin tone and should opt for a cooler brown hair color.

The best brown hair color ideas

Now that you know how to choose the right brown hair color, check out these brown hair color ideas below.

Light brown hair

Light brown hair is perfect for blondes who want to experiment with brown hair colors, or brunettes who are looking for a way to lighten their hair. It comes in a pastel shade that is elegant yet bright.

Dark brown hair

Also known as brunettes, dark brown hair is the most abundant of warm brown hair. It reveals the light reflections of each brown strand, creating a multi-toned effect full of luster.

Chocolate brown hair

Is there anything more fabulous than chocolate brown hair? Lustrous, intense shades are a great choice for a flawless finish.

Bronde hair

It's a hybrid shade with a sun-kissed feel that gives brunettes the lightness they crave when summer rolls around. Use highlights to brighten random sections of hair for a glamorous beachy effect.

Ash brown hair

This brown hair color is perfect for those with cool tones, as the ash-brown tone complements the blue and red tones beneath the skin's surface.

Brown ombre hair

A dark-to-light gradation that makes a dream, rooted and rich, with a subtle luminosity at the end. On this brown ombre, the lift is almost imperceptible, with the added bonus of making hair look fuller.

Copper brown hair

For brown hair with a warm twist, try the cool, dramatic brown copper shade combined with a shine-enhancing styler.

Dark brown hair with highlights

Adding highlights to brown hair is a great way to add a pop of color to dark brown undertones or to boost a natural look. You can add all kinds of highlights on brown hair as you like, and it’s perfect!


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