The Alibonnie Asymmetrical Bob Wig You'll Love

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on June 27 2023

While the traditional bob hairstyle is classic and timeless, the edgy bob style is quickly becoming the go-to choice for today's stylish woman. There are few hairstyles more coveted than the asymmetrical bob. If you are new to this hairstyle and want to try it out, read on to find out what an asymmetrical bob is and more about it.

What is an asymmetrical bob wig?

The asymmetrical bob wig is a stylish and chic bob wig style that is characterized by an uneven cut and longer hair on one side than the other. Although it looks a bit unbelievable in the imagination, the actual effect presented is very beautiful.

In addition, the length difference of the hair on both sides can be designed and adjusted according to one's own needs. Therefore, for women who are accustomed to the classic middle part bob wig, the asymmetrical bob wig is a new choice and try!

Why choose asymmetrical bob wigs?

The beautiful asymmetrical bob has a stylish and chic look, which is different from the ordinary bob, and it looks very layered.

The cut of the high quality asymmetrical bob wig will flatter any silhouette and draw attention to the face.

An asymmetrical bob is not only easy to style, but also easier to maintain, which can help you save a lot of money and time.

It elevates the confidence-boosting edge of a classic bob with an edgier edge that a regular bob can't match.

The Asymmetrical bob wig is for everyone, it can be curly, wavy or even bangs. Besides, you can design it in a number of ways: braid it on one side or add some color. The options for experimentation are endless.

Alibonnie asymmetrical bob wigs worth trying

1. Alibonnie Asymmetrical Bob Wig Human Hair Straight

Customer Reviews:

The wig came extremely fast, the wig is very soft , full, love the fact I can part it how I want , the wig did no shedding as I combed thru it The melt band was very cute .The vendor is very sweet and makes sure you are 100% satisfied with your order . Can’t wait to apply this wig for my sisters weddings

It’s such an amazing wig. It is super soft. Came in less than a week. my stylist said this wig was the best one that she felt. I’ll definitely order it again.

I love this hair! It’s so soft And pretty. It looks exactly like the picture. The lace blended pretty well with minimum effort and the hair took to curls very nicely.I can definitely tell that this is great quality hair.It was definitely worth every penny.

I had never bought any hair or wigs online before and I was skeptical at first buying from here. Totally worth it! My hair looked exactly like the picture.Even the customer service was super friendly and helpful! Love it!

Amazing please I love it. I am a person who buys wigs like this because of the shape of my face but this one made me look amazing.

2. Alibonnie Asymmetrical Short Bob Wig Blue Wigs

Customer Reviews:

I love it! I'm so impressed with the communication, I was kept informed from the moment I placed order. The hair is very beautiful and soft. I'm definitely placing another order for this same hair. Thanks a lot!

The hair is good quality, length is accurate.The color is just what I want.I really satisfied with it.

This hair is really nice, I love feels soft and there is no shedding. this is my second purchase from this seller, no complaints so far. I would recommend. thank you I absolutely love this hair!!

I love it !!!!!! Its exactly what I was expecting its perfect barely any shedding no tangles coloring was perfect hair is soft n easy to do definitely will be ordering again soon

I absolutely love this wig💙I will be buying another one! The hair is extremely soft! The shed and is very minimal and it’s worth it if you love it straight.

3. Alibonnie Glueless Asymmetrical Short BOB Wig

Customer Reviews:

When I received the wig I immediately noticed the softness and natural shine of the hair. The pattern is beautiful and when my stylist installed the piece she commented on the nice texture.

This wig is great...the hair is soft and manageable. The lace on it is good and the wig didn't have a smell. The curls are cute it had little to no shedding.

This is my first wig, and i absolutely love it. There’s no need for plucking or glueing but you could if you wanted to. This is genuinely i great wig.

I like how the lace was easy to work with, the length was good , no bad smell, and it’s just super cute overall.. hope this helps

Easy to part if you want to change the part , I did a buss down middle part, it was bouncy but you can also make it straight as it’s able to hold heat and so I pressed it to make it straight so if you’re looking for hair that’s flexible and that’s not to much on the neck then this hair is for you it’s very comfortable, not to short and not to long ; it is just right