Rock Your Hair With Burgundy Hair Color

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on October 26 2023

If you're considering a new hair color, it might be time to look beyond the usual blonde or brown options. Have you ever considered burgundy hair color? It's unique and artistic, and if you're an expressive person, it might be the perfect shade for you. If you're thinking about trying burgundy hair, read on to learn more!

What are burgundy hair?

Burgundy hair color is related to the color of wine from the Burgundy region of France and is a mix of purple and red. Although there are a range of different shades, this is just what hairdressers are referring to when they refer to shades. Burgundy variations vary depending on the amount of red or purple in the formula, such as burgundy hair color which has a greater proportion of red tones.

What skin tone does burgundy hair suit?

Available in a variety of beautiful burgundy shades, you can find one that best suits your skin tone. Generally speaking, cooler burgundy shades with lots of red and purple look best on people with pink, olive or ebony skin tones. Warm burgundy shades with more brown tones are perfect for peach or golden skin tones. In general, burgundy hair color can be adjusted to suit almost any skin tone.

Is burgundy hair color attractive?

People love burgundy hair color. It's a rich red that will look good on almost any skin tone. For many women, burgundy hair is a very fashionable choice. It adds a bold pop of color without being overbearing. While burgundy tends to suit darker hair, the hue fades less and isn't as noticeable as blonde or reddish-orange. Burgundy also looks great on short hair and can be enhanced with highlights or full head color.

How to get perfect burgundy hair color?

Burgundy can be difficult to achieve, so it's best not to try it at home. Your hair must be carefully prepared and the color carefully applied to achieve an even, vivid result. Plus, formula is crucial to getting the shade of your ideal skin tone. Your hair color specialist may mix several different colors to achieve your target shade, or she may apply different shades to different parts of your hair (roots, ends, etc.) to create a modern hair color design.


Since there are so many different hair color options in the burgundy range, it's important to show your hairstylist a photo of the burgundy hair color you want. This will be your starting point, and from there you can decide together if the finished product should be a little more violet, red, or brown. Collect photos you like as well as examples of things you don't like, because the more information you give your hairstylist, the more likely they'll be able to zero in on your heart's desire for your perfect burgundy hair color.


Burgundy hair color is so versatile that it looks good on almost anyone. It can be used in a variety of ways, including a simple bob or a two-tone style. The deep burgundy color blends beautifully with the dark roots and can bring a magical touch to any style.