Lace Closure VS Lace Frontal: What Is The Difference?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on December 28 2022

When it comes to hair extensions, you'll always hear the terms "lace closure" and "lace frontal." So what exactly is a lace closure? And what is a lace frontal? What is the obvious difference between the two? Now follow us to understand these information, let's get started!


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1. What is a lace closure?

1.1 Pros of lace closures

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2. What is a lace frontal?

2.1 Pros of lace frontals

2.2 Cons of lace frontals

3. What is the difference between a lace closure and a lace frontal?

4. Lace Closure VS Lace Frontal: Which one is better?


What is a lace closure?


Lace closures are a great option for women who prefer simple hairstyles. A lace closure is usually an appendage that fits on the head and measures 4 inches long by 4 inches wide, presenting itself as a perfect square. The 4x4 lace closure is the most common size, but there are also 5×5 lace closures and 6×6 lace closures, among others. For closures of other sizes, click here to view another article. A lace closure does not recreate a hairline, and it usually comes in three different options, middle part closure, free part closure, and three part closure.


Pros of lace closures

Low Maintenance

A lace closure does not require a great deal of experience to maintain and care for it. All you need to do is wash, condition and style it, this is a great wig for beginners.

Lace Closure Lasts Long

Lace closures will generally last longer than lace frontal as long as you take care of them properly.

Lace Closures Protect Your Hair

With a lace closure, you can easily solve the problem of mixing hair color and texture with a weave. You only need to heat or color the closure without any damage to your natural hair.


Cons of lace closures

Styling Will Be Limited

Lace closures have no versatility, and because of the limited area of the parting, you basically only have three styles, three-part, middle part, and free part. You cannot use lace closures to create many looks like ponytails.

Lace Closures Will Grow Your Hair

Over time, your hair grows, which often pushes your wig up and out, so you'll need to readjust your wig every other month.

What is a lace frontal?


Lace frontal is a half wig that covers the entire hairline and is stitched with 3-4 bundless of hair. 13×4 lace frontal is the standard size, 13 refers to the distance from one ear to the other ear, and 4 refers to the distance extending back from the hairline. A great choice for women with thinner fringes, the lace frontal easily conceals hair loss on the hairline for a more natural look.

Pros of lace frontals

Lace Frontal Styling Offers Versatility

The lace covers the entire hairline, so you get even more possibilities when it comes to parting and styling. If you want to create a high ponytail, then the 360 lace frontal wig is a good choice.

Create A More Natural Hairline

The lace frontal has a covered area from ear to ear and is designed to simulate a natural hairline, giving your hair a natural look when you pull it back or tuck it behind your ears.

Fewer Bundles Are Required

Compared to a lace closure, the lace frontal requires less bundles of hair, which reduces your seams and makes it more comfortable to wear.



Cons of lace frontals

Requires More Installation Work

When installing a lace frontal for the first time, it can take a lot of work to get a natural look, such as bleaching the knots of the wig, dyeing, pre-plucking, or trimming the wig. If you don't want to go through these things, you can directly choose ready-to-wear lace front wigs.

Lace Frontal Are More Expensive

Lace frontals are more expensive compared to lace closures. But if you're the type to go for more styling, investing in a lace frontal will save you more money over time than constantly changing wigs.

Short Duration

Lace frontals have a short lifespan and require a new installation after two to three weeks.

What is the difference between a lace closure and a lace frontal?

The most obvious difference between the lace closure and the lace frontal is the difference in size. The lace closure is typically 4×4 inches, while the lace frontal is 13×4 inches with more coverage.

The lace closure only covers a small portion of the front, so it can't be pulled back down the side without exposing the track. And while the lace frontal completely covers the entire hairline, you get a seamless look, which allows you to pull it away from your face.

The lace frontal is much more expensive than lace closures because it contains more lace and hair and allows for more styling.



Lace Closure VS Lace Frontal: Which one is better?

Lace closure or lace frontal, which is better? Both can provide a naturally flawless look, giving you the illusion that hair is growing from your scalp. Lace closure and lace frontal are more of a difference in size, functionality and cost. If you are on a budget and prefer a simple and natural look, then a lace closure will work better for you. But if you want to experiment with more styling and want fewer bundles, go for the lace frontal. All in all, decide which one to choose based on your preferences and the look you want to achieve!