Human hair braid or wig, which one do you want

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 20 2023

If you are a "freshman" and decide to try some new hairstyles, there is one decision you must make: . It's really hard because they all look the same. In essence, they are the same. They can prolong our hair length. You can use them to do some hairstyles and try different hairstyles and colors. So which one should you choose? Which one suits you better?


1. For comfort

A. Weave

You don't need to cut your hair, just weave your real hair and let others sew it on your head! That's all! It's easy, isn't it? When you finish it, the weave looks like it used to be. If you are a sports girl, knitting is your best choice. Especially when summer comes, hair bundles can make you feel less hot and make your scalp breathe better. However, if your barber's skill is not good, it will hurt your natural hair and scalp, you will feel uncoordinated, and even let your natural hair fall off.

B. Wig:

It is easy to wear and easy to care in daily life. If you choose weaves, maybe you should spend an afternoon in the hair salon, but real human wigs don't take up too much time. You just need to cut some lace and make some baby's hair, and then you can do anything you like.

However, if you choose a wig, it will be a little hot in summer. You know, you need to wear a hat before wearing a wig. There is a layer of lace inside the wig. This means that there are two things that can clear your mind. One good thing is that wigs can protect your hair and scalp from ultraviolet rays.


2. For beauty

A. Weave:

Because it is sewn with your natural hair, it looks more natural and more suitable for your head. People can't distinguish which is your natural hair and which is not. When you play on the beach or playground, you don't have to worry about whether it will fall off.

B. Wig:

If you like, you can change the color or texture of your hair at will every day instead of spending hours at the beauty salon.

3. Expenses

As you know, a wig consists of several bundles of hair with a hairpin or hairpin in front, so it costs more than weave. A bag costs between $35 and $90, but a wig costs between $70 and $300. If you are in the "economic crisis", I believe that if you can sew by yourself, weave is your best choice.

So far, do you clearly know how to choose the right hair? weave can save you money and look natural. Wigs can save you time. If you like, you can change your style every day.



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