How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on May 26 2023

The wigs are great. They allow you to experiment with other hairstyles without cutting your own luscious, natural hair. There are many styles and color combinations you can try, and the wide variety of wigs means you can change up your look with ease!

If you have long hair, you may have the problem of not knowing how to wear a wig because you want all your hair to be hidden under the wig. Especially for some beginners who have not tried it, it is even more difficult. But don't worry, we've got tips for wearing wigs with long hair for you.

How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair?

There are three ways you can wear long hair in a wig, let's get started now!

  • The Plait Method

Braiding your natural hair is a great technique that can help you discover how to wear a wig with long hair. Before braiding, divide hair into two sections from front to back. If you have particularly thick hair, you can section your hair into four sections. When you're done, tie each section loosely with a hair tie.

Start each braid near the base of the scalp and secure with small hair ties. Wrap the braids around your head and pin them around the crown of your head. Make sure your braids don't come too close to your natural hairline; otherwise, they will show below the front of your wig. Once you are happy with where your braids are placed, use bobby pins to secure them in place.

Then you can put the wig cap on your head, put on your wig, and fully enjoy wearing various kinds of wigs, such as lace wigs, colored wigs, glueless wigs, etc.

  • The Ponytail Method

Tie your natural long hair into a very low ponytail and tie it as tight as possible without feeling uncomfortable. Then, pull your ponytail up the top of your head so that the ends of the hair almost touch your forehead.

Take your wig cap and pull it over the base of the ponytail. Using the base of the ponytail as an anchor, pull the hat over the crown of your head, stretching until the mesh covers your face. Slide the front of the hat back until it's near your hairline. Then, run your fingers under the hat and push any loose hair back under the cap.

Since you're not securing your hair with a hair tie or bobby pins, it's important to make sure your hair is smooth when you put the wig cap on.

  • The cornrow method

Using a wide-toothed comb, part sections and draw a line across scalp from front to back. Depending on how thick your long hair is, you can divide them into three or more rows. Start at the front of the scalp. Take a row and divide it into three parts. Pass the right section under the middle section; when done, make the right section the middle section. Then cross the left from the middle, making the left part the middle part. Continue braiding until it reaches the end of your hair and secure with a hair tie. Repeat the same for the other sections you create.

Twist several braids together and loop them around the back of your head. Using large bobby pins, secure them in place. If your braids are thick, pin them individually so they don't clump together.

Whichever you choose, the next step in wearing a wig for long hair is to wear a wig cap, which not only protects your real hair, but also helps keep it safe and hidden. The front of the wig cap can be held against the front of the hairline and the wig can be pulled back over the crown of the head. You can then use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to tuck all the hair into the wig cap until you feel comfortable. More importantly, you must ensure that the wig cap is on your natural hairline and looks natural when worn.

Bonus Tips on How to Wear Long Hair in a Wig Cap

Wig caps can help you learn how to wear long hair wigs without compromising your natural look. We've covered how to put on a wig cap for long hair above, but here are some additional tips.

1. Make sure your wig cap is the same color as your wig to ensure your wig looks as natural as possible. The right color combination will help maintain a natural style.

2. There are many types of wig caps, but the wig cap with mesh structure is the best wig cap for long hair because it allows the scalp to breathe while holding the natural hair in place.

In Conclusion

Now you know how to wear a wig for long hair without compromising safety, comfort, or natural style. So, are you ready to start experimenting? Come and browse through our stunning collection of wigs for a fresh and flawless look.