How to wash the lace front wig in the shower

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on May 22 2023

Sometimes, when you go on business or vacation, you have to wear a human hair wig for several days. You don't want and don't have time to wear lace headdress every morning, but you want to keep your hair clean, so you want to wash it while wearing lace headdress.



But remember to wash 13x4 lace front wig more carefully than your natural hair.

First, make sure your hair is still firmly attached to your head and does not peel off, especially at your edges. If your wig has begun to fall off, washing your head is not a wise choice.

Second, pay attention to the length of your natural hair. If the hair under the wig is only an inch or two long, it will dry quickly. However, if your natural hair is long, your 13x4 lace front wig will take a long time to completely dry. Remember that.



Third, when taking a shower, lean your head back and wet it gently. You always want water to flow down the back of your head, because it's more gentle on you, especially in the front of your head. If you stand facing the shower and let the water hit your wig directly, the water may loosen the wig.

Use shampoo specially designed for wig or shampoo designed for fragile hair, gently foaming hair (color treated hair shampoo is particularly effective in this area). You only need to wash once to remove the grease and sweat accumulated in the past few days.



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