How To Style A Bob Wig?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on May 22 2023

Wigs are the easiest way to experiment with various hair lengths, textures, thicknesses and colors. This is a great way to experiment and show off different looks without damaging your natural hair. This allows you to discover whether a certain color or cut suits your face shape or your preferences.

Even if you like long hair, if you want to keep cool in summer, you still have to choose short hairstyles. Bob wig hairstyles are very popular in hot summer. Modern bob wigs are available in every "bob style" you can think of. A short bob wig brings great convenience to our life and changes the hairstyle we want. If you want to see what you would look like with short hair but don't want to cut your hair off, you can try a short wig.

What is a bob wig?

A short bob wig is a masterpiece, made from short hair that is purposefully cut at neck and cheekbone level. Its look is not set in stone and layers can be added to add volume and dimension. It gives you the most natural look and is available in different styles, from curly to sleek, pure color to highlights, and ombre color. Here are many different types of bob wigs with different constructions such as closure, lace front, full lace, and U part wigs. Choose from different types and a rainbow of colors and textures to create the perfect personalized look for your face shape. 

The features of bob wigs

More style: With bob wigs, you can easily create new looks that are simple and effective. Whether it's a lace bob wig, a U part bob wig or a wavy bob wig, any style you like or want to try is easily available.

Natural Hairline: Most bob wigs have a natural hairline, which guarantees that the hair looks very realistic and fits perfectly with your own hair. Your bob wig will look like it's growing out of your head and can be styled as desired.

Save time: We all know that styling is time consuming. With bob wigs, you don't have to worry about tedious and time-consuming styling. Because of their short length and natural hairline, they can be quickly and easily styled into any look you want. All you need is a few minutes every morning.

Low maintenance: Bob wigs are very easy to care for and require very little time or effort. You don't have to spend hours in the salon getting styled; instead, you can apply some simple techniques to keep your bob looking flawless.

Gorgeous look: The bob wig looks stunning from any angle. Alibonnie bob wigs are made with first-class human hair, ensuring they are smooth, shiny and realistic. They generally range in length from 8 to 14 inches, giving you the flexibility to choose the style that best suits you.

Different types of bob wigs

There are many types of bob wig styles to choose from, and they all flatter the face well and give them an effortless, classy look.

Sleek bob: Straight bob wig is the most classic shape, simple and elegant, suitable for almost all face shapes.

A-line bob: typical bob cut with slightly longer hair in the front.

Inverted Bob: Similar to an A-line bob, but with longer layers and texture in the back.

Lob bob: lob is short for "long bob," which refers to the haircut between the chin and shoulders.

Layered Bob: A short or medium length bob style with layers and tousled texture.

How to style a bob wig?

Bob Wig Styling Tips

Having a basic knowledge of bob wig styling is essential and will come in handy. While your choice may come down to personal taste and comfort, you need to know how to customize your bob wig for the perfect, natural look. Whether you want it sleek or messy, here are some styling ideas to consider:

Use products designed for bob wigs: Always choose styling products and accessories that are right for your wig type. By using the right hair products, you can maintain its style and original condition.

Style by Length: Short wigs may look different depending on actual length or cut. For example, short bobs and pixie cuts will have to be styled accordingly. After washing, simply brush through tresses for an easy short bob. Usually, you can keep your bob straight because that's the most natural way to style it.

If your wig has some kind of wave, you can use a hair straightener. If you have bangs, you can sweep them to the side. Side-parted bangs will give you a relaxed vibe. Alternatively, long curtain bangs can give you a stylish look. However, if you like curly bangs, use a round brush to curl them neatly.