How to restore the vitality of closure wigs?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on May 23 2023

How to restore the vitality of closure wigs?

The face of an old dry and curly closure wig can be frustrating. If you feel sorry to throw away the closure wig directly, or if your budget is limited, you can try the following methods to make your wig look new.



1. Use the paddle brush to comb the knotted part

If the closure wig is left for a long time without any maintenance, it will knot and become curly. You can try gently combing your wig with a special wide tooth comb or paddle brush. It won't tear hair. It can easily remove the entanglement of the wig and minimize the damage to the wig.

2. Use hair oil or moisturizing spray

In order to improve the condition of the closure wig and make it look soft and smooth, you can moisten your hair several times with some essential oils on your wig, or use your simple moisturizing spray, for example, add some moisturizing hair conditioner and a few drops of water in the spray bottle, then spray the mixture on a few inches of wig. In order to give wigs a new life, such exercises can last once or twice a month.

3. Store properly when not in use

If your closure wig is not used for the time being, it is recommended that you put it in a cool place, because the continuous sunshine will dry your hair. If possible, you can cover the wig with a plastic bag, which can not only prevent dust, but also reduce the water loss of the wig.


Advantages of closure wigs

1. Lace closure wig is very easy to wear and does not require much follow-up maintenance. For office workers and beginners, it saves time and effort.

2. The service life of lace sealed wig will be longer. As long as it is properly maintained, its service life will be longer than that of lace front wig.

3. Lace closure wig can protect your natural hair from UV and cold air.

4. Lace closure wig is cheaper than full lace wig, 360 lace wig and color lace front wig, and is very friendly to people with insufficient budget.