How to pick your own lace front wig

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 15 2023

How to pick a lace front wig by yourself. Hello ladies, here is a very detailed step about how to take off and customize the lace wig. It can also be used for lace front wigs, 13x4 lace front wigs and so on. Whether it is lace front or lace frontal wig, we need to pull it out before installation to create a natural hairline and get a natural look and feel. This seems to be a very simple step. However, for beginners, this is indeed an arduous task. This requires more patience and care, or you may ruin your hairline.



Brushed lace front wigs are becoming more and more popular recently. Brushed lace wigs are one of the most popular choices for many reasons.

Advantages of pre lace wig: 1) very natural appearance; 2) Don't swing.

So how do you pull out the lace and make it look like your own hair?
You may need canvas hair, wigs, butterfly clips, tweezers and combs.
Teach you how to pull your wig step by step.



Step 1: first, you need to take some photos of the natural hairline. The best way is to straighten or stretch your hair and tie it into a tight ponytail. Make sure the photos are clear so you can use them as a guide.

Step 2: put the lace wig on a foam plastic support and fix it with a pin. You want it to be beautiful and tight so that it won't move.

Step 3: carefully observe the hairline of the wig, you will find that it is very dense, which you want to avoid. Start pulling some hair from one side and slowly move to the other side.

Make sure to use high-quality tweezers and be careful not to pull too much hair. You'd better pull it out first to see what it looks like. If you think the hairline is still too dense, go back and repeat these steps.



Step 4: pull out the lace: pull out the excess hair around the forehead with tweezers to make it less thick. Divide the hair on the lace front wig into two parts, and then start pulling the hairline towards you with your favorite tweezers to get a more natural appearance.

Step 5: create your own part: not all lace wigs are the same. Some wigs have a prefabricated part in the middle, multiple parts on the side, or no separation at all (also known as the "free part").

Using the free part lace front wig, you can choose the part you want to place and create. You can do this before or after creating a full wig. Just play when you're apart, create an interesting hairstyle or keep a low profile to get a more complex and fashionable look.

Step 6: create natural edges: adjust your lace front wig accordingly. Don't forget the baby's hair! In this step, separate a small part of the hair from the hairline you want to use as baby hair. Use a razor to cut your hair short until it reaches the length of baby hair you want.



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