How to make your lace wig last longer?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 13 2023

According to our survey of customers, human hair wigs are an investment and wearers hope to use them for a long time. You bought a wig. It's perfect, elastic, shiny and colored! Then, bang, after wearing a few clothes, you start to worry about its life, right? We've all seen it. The wig looks dry and tired. Therefore, many customers want to know how to make lace wigs more durable. Don't worry. I'm here to give you some suggestions to make your wigs more durable than before.



Tip 1: don't wear the same wig every day

Like everything else, wigs have a life and a deadline. If you wear a lace wig every day, people's wigs will wear out after a year. With the passage of time, the color gradually fades, the line begins to tear, and the overall appearance tends to weaken. If you wear wigs every day, consider buying and rotating wigs.

Tip 2: design your wig correctly

Remember, if you do your hair hot every day, your wig won't be as long as you think. Although wigs are made of real hair, they don't get oil from your scalp like your own hair.

It is suggested that when your hair styling wig, you use heat savings. Use low heat to dry, straighten and curl away from the hair root, and ensure that a large number of heat setting products and human hair care products are used.
If you want your people to have wigs as long as possible, then a calorie free look is great. This is not always practical and will not provide the style you want.


Tip #3: correct wig cleaning method

1. Because the wig has no natural oil, the less wig you wash, the better!
However, if you don't wash it, don't wear it too long, or it will start to look stiff, dry and dirty. But just in case, you do have some wigs that haven't been washed for too long, so you should wash them every 3-4 days.

2. Use your hot air blower to help you dry your wig very carefully. Many wigs can be heat set, but some of them can't. You may eventually destroy the style of your wig. Let your wig dry safer.

3. You shouldn't take a bath with a wig. Although this seems to be a way to save morning time, the heat generated by the shower can easily destroy the combination of hair and wig cap. This will shorten the life of the wig due to falling off.

4. Take time to wash your wig. It takes time, so make sure you think of a time to wash your wig when you want to wash your wig.
5. Don't ignore your natural hair. A day or two of rest will help reduce the wear of the wig and provide a little air for the scalp and natural hair to rejuvenate it.

Tip 4: store your wig

Don't be lazy. Taking care of your wig is not only about styling, shampoo and conditioning, but also how to save it when you don't wear it.
It is best to store wigs away from any form of heat. In addition, be sure to store the wig in a dry environment. Please do not store the wig in the wet environment such as the bathroom, which will only shorten the life of the wig.



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