How To Make Wigs Look More Natural?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on January 30 2023

One of the most important things you face when wearing a wig is to make your wig look natural and real, which is what all wig wearers are looking for. How to make your wigs look more natural? It may sound difficult to start, but we can provide you with some specific methods to make your wig look more convincing.

1. Buy Human Hair Wigs

Wigs on the market are mainly divided into human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. No matter what material a synthetic wig is made of, it's not as natural as a human hair wig in every way. Therefore, if you wish to have a 100% natural hair, then it is best to start with human hair wigs.


2. Find The Right Size For Your Head

Finding the right size for your head will make you feel more comfortable wearing the wig and is one of the factors that will make your wig look natural. Before purchasing a human hair wig, measure the size of your head with a tape measure to find the perfect fit.


3. Choose Lace That Matches Your Skin Tone

Regular lace, transparent lace and HD lace are the three most common types of lace used to make full wigs. Among them, high-definition lace is the thinnest and most transparent, which can be well integrated into the scalp. Therefore, women who pursue a realistic look will choose to use HD lace wigs. Transparent lace is 100% sheer and blends seamlessly into all skin tones and is the most commonly used type of lace when making wigs. Normal lace is available in a variety of colors, including light brown, medium brown, dark brown, etc. You need to choose carefully so that it does not match your skin tone and look unnatural.

4. Cut The Lace To Fit Your Face Shape

Cutting the lace so it fits your face is an easy trick to getting a real wig look. Lace wigs come with extra lace that covers your forehead so you can easily place and secure the wig on your head. Use scissors to cut the excess lace along the hairline for the most natural look.


5. Use Makeup To Blend Lace And Skin Tone

Using a loose powder or concealer, dab it along the hairline. Use a brush or finger to apply concealer to the lace and blend it. This will help the lace part blend better with your skin tone and hide rough edges for a more natural look.


6. Leave Some Baby Hair Out

Leaving some baby hair around your hairline can give your wig a more natural look. Many wigs now come with pre-cut baby hair, eliminating the need for additional baby hair trimming.

7. Choose Rooted Color Wigs

If you want to try colored wigs, it is best to choose ones with roots. Most people's hair has different shades and gradients. Rooted wigs are a great option if you want a natural look. It's a lot more natural than a pink or ginger wig from head to toe. If you can't find a root wig that you like, highlighted wigs are also a good choice.


8. Maintain Your Wig Regularly

The maintenance of the wig is also an important part of making the wig look natural. If properly maintained, not only can the wig be maintained in a good condition, but also can prolong the service life.

For details on how to care for a wig, read this article on how to maintain human hair wigs.

Now you have some tips for making your wig look more natural. Do you have some other ways to make wigs look real that we didn't mention? You are welcome to share and discuss with us!