How to make my water wave wig more alive?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on May 05 2023

Use the blade brush to remove the corner knot:

When you don't wear wigs or braided hair for a period of time, they begin to tie knots. Sometimes knots are so severe that it seems impossible to untie them. Fortunately, the paddle brush can finish the work in a few minutes. Don't let your old hair weave deceive you. Sometimes it looks worse than it looks.


Pre wash your wig with natural oil:

Restoring the vitality of human wigs is to inject some much-needed water. Therefore, it makes sense that the first step to repair the wig is to apply conditioner on the wig.We recommend lightly coating your wig with natural oil, such as Moroccan oil or coconut oil. You will want to leave the product of your choice under the shower cap to moisturize your wig for 30 minutes.


Shampoo your wig

The next step in how to repair the wig is to wash the wig and make sure all the pre wash oil is washed off. When washing your hair, don't forget to let the water flow in the same direction of your hair to prevent entanglement. Then, carefully blister your wig with a moisturizing human wig shampoo.


Moisten your wig

After washing all moisturizing shampoos, you need to use some moisturizing conditioner, such as Argan smooth luxury conditioner. Completely cover your wig with a human wig conditioner from the front to the top.


When using conditioner to moisturize and repair your wig, you should pay special attention to the nape and tip of your human wig, and use additional conditioner here. When a person's wig dries and loses elasticity, it is usually most obvious in these areas. Therefore, paying attention to the nape of the neck and tips will help you restore the vitality of human wigs.

Always place the water wave wig on the wig holder or wig manikin to maintain style and prevent entanglement.

Select high-quality water wave wigs from well-known suppliers for maintenance support and other use guidelines.


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