How to install and clean a headband wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on May 25 2023

Fashion is the reincarnation of the playground. Recently, with the rise of nostalgic fashion, headband wigs have become more and more popular. So what is a headband wig and how to install and clean it? This article will give you an answer.

Highlight Straight Headband Wig

What is a classic nostalgic wig?

The classic nostalgic wig means that it used to be very popular. After a short hibernation, it can be popular again. The popular trend of old products is to borrow the retro look of the past. Many old product logos can be updated and related to today's consumers. Just like the headband wig, it has both retro feeling and modern function. There are three kinds of headband wigs in our store: Curly headband wig, Yaki straight headband wig and straight headband wig. If you need other styles, please contact us. We also provide customized service. We will reply as soon as we receive the information. 

What are headband wigs?

Headband wig is also called human hair semi wig because it is made of some hair weft sewn into silk headband. There is no lace on the headband of half of the wig, only a breathable elastic mesh cap covers four-thirds of your head, and the rest of the wig is covered by an ice silk headband. Now buy the headband wig in alibonnie's hair. We will provide free headband randomly to help you complete the whole wig style.


How to install your own headband wig?

Wearing a headband wig is not as complicated as wearing a lace wig. It only takes 2 minutes to complete the perfect installation. For detailed 3 steps, please check the following:

1) First, you need to brush your hair and lay down your edges so that your hair is close to your skin. When you complete the entire installation, it will affect the final appearance.

2) Then you can start wearing a wig and find a perfect position on your head. There is a belt with Velcro. Each headband has half of the wig. There are five clips on the wig. They are used to fix the wig.

3) Because the hair on your forehead is your real hair, you can directly make up for your baby. The last step is to put on your favorite beautiful headband and do your hair.

The whole process is simple and convenient, no bleaching, no glue, suitable for all kinds of customers.


How to wash your hair with a half wig?

Because the headband wig is a non lace wig, the cleaning and care methods are also easier than lace wigs. Don't worry about breaking the lace, you can wash it. However, you still need to wash with warm water and brush your teeth with a wide comb to avoid falling off and entanglement. (remember not to brush your teeth when your wig is wet.) using a shower head is also better than using a basin. Then rinse with water with some shampoo and hair care products to make sure all the soap is washed clean. Finally, put the headband wig gently on the wig rack to dry.

Tips for making a wig look natural

1) When wearing a wig, remove some of your own hair, and then you can make a natural hairline with your baby's hair on your real hair.

2) Gently brush and wash your hair before installation to ensure that it is close to the scalp. Looking more natural after wearing is a great help.

3) Secure the headband wig tightly with Velcro and five clips and ensure that it is in the correct position on the head.

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