How To Highlight A Wig?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on July 31 2023

For girls who are ready to change up their look, having a new hairstyle can transform one's appearance and build deep confidence. Wigs are a convenient and versatile way to change up your appearance and have grown in popularity in recent years. Among all kinds of wigs, highlight wigs have received a lot of attention.

You can choose purchase highlight wigs online, which is very convenient. But if you don't want to buy new highlighted wigs at high price, you can highlight your wigs by yourself. Before attempting this little project, there are a few things you should know.


What are hair highlights?

Highlight wigs involve a hair coloring technique in which multiple colors and strands of lighter shades are applied to a darker base. Typically, highlighted wigs come in two different shades for a dynamic and eye-catching effect. It's an excellent choice if you're tired of a single shade.

Features of highlight wigs

Highlighting is a hair coloring technique that mainly includes partial highlights and full highlights. You are free to choose which one is more suitable for you according to your needs.

The combination of a dark wig and light-colored strands can add layers to the overall look. It visually looks closer to your real hair and is stylish.

Highlight wigs look stylish and are a unique and daring choice for most girls. A good human hair wig with highlights that can boost your charm and confidence.

What are reasons to get a highlight wig?

There are many types of highlight wigs, including lace front wigs, 360 lace wigs, bob wigs, and wigs of different colors such as red, pink, and black. You can create a variety of stylish looks with different options.


Highlight wigs have a unique style and appearance that can add glamor to your overall look. They are one of the most fashionable wig styles out there, with strong appeal and movement.


Compared to dyed hair, highlighted wigs are relatively cheap. By investing in a wig, you can avoid the expense of making multiple trips to the salon to get the hair color you want.


Highlighted wigs are a safer option than dyed hair. Dyeing can be damaging, but with highlight wigs, you can achieve the look you want without damaging your natural hair. This helps keep your natural hair healthy and shiny.


Growing your natural hair color or transitioning from one hair color to another can be a challenging phase. Highlighted wigs offer a seamless and stylish solution during this time of transition, allowing you to maintain a consistent and stylish look while striving to achieve your desired hair color.

How to highlight a wig at home?

If you don't want to spend a fortune on a new highlight lace front wig, you can try highlighting your old wig yourself at home by following the tutorial below. Let's see how to do it.


Place wigs or hair strands on top of the mannequin and use pins to keep them from moving.


Use a comb to divide the hair into sections, and use large clips to clip the hair sections.


When the hair is ready to be dyed, we take an appropriate amount and apply it to all parts of the hair. For this step, in order to apply the hair dye to the specific curls you want, in each section of the hair, continue to divide the hair into small clumps of about 1 cm so that the hair dye is applied evenly.


After the waiting period is over, rinse your hair with water. Be careful to wash the dye with wet water. Rinse until the color no longer changes.


Use a soft towel to absorb moisture from the wig, and finally let the wig air dry naturally.


Highlight wigs offer a fantastic opportunity to explore new hairstyles and colors without affecting or damaging your natural hair. If you are interested in highlighted wigs, why not try buying from Alibonnie? Trust me, the highlight wigs here won't disappoint you.