How To Hide Natural Hair Under A Wig?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on February 27 2023

Wigs are a great way to create a new look without altering your natural hair. However, wearing a wig is not that simple. How well the hair is hidden under the wig is something to think about in order to achieve a perfectly natural look. In this article, we will tell you some small ways to hide your natural hair, let's get started now!

How to hide your hair under a wig with short hair?

1. If your hair is too short to be coiled, try securing it with some bobby pins. Smooth it out with some gel if necessary, then put on the wig cap.

2. Divide your hair into small rows from front to back and braid these sections of hair. 

How to hide long natural hair under a wig?


Cornrows are usually the more common way to go when choosing to hide long hair under a wig. This is a very popular hairstyle especially for women with textured or thick hair. Cornrows have a flat surface so your hair doesn't have high bumps under the wig. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, you can choose this option to hide your hair.

Make a bun

Generally speaking, the best place to hide hair under a wig is at the nape of the neck, and most wigs have a little extra stretch in this area to accommodate for it. If your hair is long enough, you can simply pull your hair into a bun and put on your wig cap. With this method, your wig will fit perfectly on your head without any protruding bumps.


Having your natural hair in plaits is one of the best ways to hide your hair under a wig. Although this style is not as flat as other hairstyles, it protects your natural hair and makes cleaning simple. Here are steps to help you make plaits.

1. Divide your hair into four sections and plait each section.

2. Take a plait and wrap it around your head about an inch from your hairline, securing it with pins every few inches.

3. Repeat the steps above, wrapping each braid behind the row of the previous plait.

4. Using the last braid, wrap it into a spiral that ends at the base of the first ponytail.


Twists are easy to do and not as time-consuming as some other styles. However, it will frizz and tangle your natural hair faster. Keep the twist as small as possible so you're less likely to have a protruding bulge under your wig.

As a wig wearer, knowing how to hide your hair under a wig is essential. The above are a variety of ways to hide hair for you, please choose the one that suits you best according to your needs!