How To Fix The Wigs

Written by Mike Oasis


Posted on January 03 2024

Two Ways Of Fixing The Wigs

There are two ways to fix a wig: clips and glue. Today we will share what you need to know when fixing it with clips.

  1. The most common material of the two material clips is stainless steel. This material has high hardness and good elasticity, and is suitable for high-frequency repeated use. The size ranges from 2 to 3.2cm. According to customer feedback, the larger the size of the clip, the better. , the more hair is clipped, the better the firmness. Another thing is, the larger the size, the less strange it will feel when worn. This is like pulling our hair with our hands. Pulling a strand alone will definitely feel worse than pulling a handful. Another material is plastic. Compared with stainless steel, the hardness of plastic material is not that good, and the firmness will be compromised. Although it is satisfactory in daily life, it should be avoided if there is strenuous exercise. The purchase of plastic clips is mainly for some people who are allergic to metals. Wearing metal clips will make the scalp itchy; and when we go to the hospital for CT or MRI examinations, if we wear metal clips, we will encounter some Awkward situation. Of course, if you really don’t like plastic clips, then we will just use glueclips. The next article will introduce the types and usage in detail. If you are interested, you can pay attention.
  2. There are two types of clips: a 6-tooth U-shaped clip and a 9-tooth drop-shaped clip. By comparison, the 6-tooth U-shaped clip has a larger contact area and is more secure; the 9-tooth drop-shaped clip is more flexible. OK, the comfort level will be a little higher.
  3. How to use. There are several things to note when wearing it. First, we need to determine the front and back of the wig. This is easier to judge. You can look at the head rotation of the wig. The direction farther away is the front. After determining the direction, open the clip, use your fingers to find the position of the hairline, and then make the front edge of the wig coincide with the hairline. Novices can make the bottom of the wig mesh slightly longer than the hairline edge to avoid When fixing the back, the wig is stretched back to expose the hairline, which makes it look layered and unrealistic.After determining the position in front, hold the clips at both ends of the wig with both hands to fix it on both sides. When operating, first gently pull the inner net to both sides to ensure that the inner net fits the scalp better. Be careful not to press the clip directly down. Instead, squeeze the tooth end into the hair, and then press it down. This will make it stronger and at the same time Better comfort. After clamping, release your hands for 5 seconds so that the hairnet and clips can rebound so that your hair does not feel pulled; after 5 seconds, just press the clips down with your hands. Follow this method again and fix the back and front clips at once and it's OK. Everyone must remember the details that need to be paid attention to when wearing it, so that it will be stable and more comfortable.


How To Take Off The Wig

First use the fingertips of two thumbs to find the border of the wig from the forehead corners on both sides, then insert your thumbs along the border to find the rearmost position, pinch the edge of the wig, lift it from back to front, and remove it Finally, put the wig on a simple stand and you're done. To sum up, the fixing methods of glue and clips each have their own advantages. In terms of convenience and durability, clips have more obvious advantages; but in terms of firmness and comfort, glue is slightly better. When purchasing, everyone should make the best choice based on their hair volume, working environment, and usage habits. The one that suits them is the best. In addition, when choosing a wig, measure the size at home. Be sure to note that the size fixed by the clip is 2cm larger than the size fixed by the adhesive.


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