How To Cut The Lace On Lace Wigs?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on February 01 2023

As we all know, all lace wig products, whether it is lace front wig, full lace wig, 360 lace wig or lace closure wig, will have extra lace part on the front. Cutting lace is an essential step in the process of wearing a wig. But do you know how to cut lace? Today, we will share with you the steps and tips for cutting lace.

What tools are needed to cut lace?

First of all, before cutting lace, you need to prepare the following tools:

Wig Head: It is used to place the lace wig for easy cutting, of course you can also put the wig on your head and cut the lace.

Scissors: You can choose small, sharp scissors for more control over cutting.

Clips: Secure unwanted hair.

Rat Tail Comb: This is not required, but can help separate hair from the ears and hairline for a more precise lace cut.


Tweezers: Pull out unwanted or unnatural hair.

How to cut the lace on lace wigs step by step?

1. Put the wig on your head and keep adjusting the position until it fits your head perfectly. Note that the hairline of the wig is slightly in front of your natural hairline, and that the lace part extends a few inches past your natural hairline.

2. Fix the lace on the forehead, and keep the lace hairline part flat so that it will not slide when cutting.

3. Cut off the ear tabs. Use a comb or other tool to part the hair above the ear, then use some clips to secure this hair, leaving a small piece of wig over the ear. Cut the lace along the shape of the ear.

4. Cut off the lace and cut vertically from the middle. Cut a small slit towards the middle of the lace to separate the lace into sections to prevent snagging and overcutting. Next, you need to slowly cut each section of lace along the hairline.

5. Carefully inspect the trimmed lace to make sure there are no jagged edges.

Some notes on cutting lace

To avoid jagged edges, always make sure your scissors are sharp.

Before cutting, make sure the hair is fully secured by the clip without risking it falling apart.

Cutting off the lace is an irreversible process, please spend more time to cut it correctly, it is best not to cut too much at one time.

Now you know how to cut the lace? We hope that through this blog you will have gained some confidence in cutting the lace from 360 full lace wigs/lace front wigs/lace closure wigs.