How to clean your human hair wig

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on May 24 2023

Having charming human hair wigs has become a fashion signal and a fashion trend. To a certain extent, it can bring self-confidence and show one's internal personality. In addition to ensuring color, texture, length, etc., we believe that we should also know how to clean lace front wigs. The correct washing method can prolong the life of human hair.


How to clean human hair wig?

1. Comb your hair from the end.

Remove tangles with a wide tooth smooth edge comb. Start with the end of the wig and then up until you can comb it completely. For wavy textures, it is best to

2. Remove tangles by hand first.

Fill the sink with warm water and stir 1 to 2 times to squeeze the shampoo.
Choose a product designed for human hair, for example, if it is a wig with deep wavy texture, use shampoo made for wavy texture hair. If it is a color wig, it is recommended to use a color safe shampoo.

3. Unscrew the inner cover of the wig and put it into the water.

Do you know why you want to screw off the wig cap? As we all know, wig cap is the place where the most dust, sweat and grease are collected. Therefore, the rotation will make it easier for the shampoo to reach the wig cap.

Let the hair hang loose. Put the wig in warm water and press the hair down until it can be submerged. Then rotate gently to help disperse the shampoo over the whole hair.

4. Soak the human wig for 5 minutes.

Make sure the wig is completely immersed in water. Please do not move the wig within these minutes. Because too much whipping, squeezing and rotation can lead to tangled hair.

5. Rinse the wig with warm water.

The sink and shower depend on the thickness of the wig. The wig is too thick. If it is not cleaned regularly, it may need to be washed twice.

6. Apply conditioner to your wig.

Just apply some conditioner to your hair. Here, avoid the scalp area, because the conditioner will loosen the hair knot and the hair will fall off.

7. Rinse the conditioner off.
Wait 2-5 minutes, then rinse the conditioner with warm water.

Leave the conditioner on the hair for a few minutes, nourish and penetrate into the hair, which can make the hair more moist and gentle. Then flush the air conditioner with warm water.

You can get it now. Yes, the washing process is finished, then dried and reshaped.

Squeeze out the water, please do not twist the hair, otherwise it will cause entanglement or fracture. Gently dry the hair with a clean dry towel.

Dry your hair naturally and avoid direct sunlight. We also do not recommend that customers use hair dryers because they may damage your hair in the long run. But if you're in a hurry, blow dry your wig.

Redesign human hair as straight wig, or water wave human hair and deep wave lace forehead wig. If you like, you can use a flat iron or curler under medium and low temperature settings.



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