How to avoid wearing wigs to people's own hair damage

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 25 2023

Even though human hair wigs are popular now, there are still a lot of people who want to ask, "Does wearing a wig damage your hair?" The answer to that question is, of course, no! Wigs are still misunderstood by many people, who believe that wearing a wig can damage their hairline and cause bald spots, scalp irritation or mildew.

These things can happen to some extent, but they're also completely avoidable, so wearing a wig not only doesn't ruin your hair weave, it actually has many benefits. So, how to avoid wearing wigs to people's own hair damage has become a very important problem.


How to avoid wearing wigs to damage your natural hair

1. Choose a wig size and wear a wig

It is important to choose the right hat size for your head. Too small can put pressure on the scalp and hinder hair growth.

A lace wig is also worn with a wig cap, a bridge between the hair and the wig that helps protect the scalp from direct pressure from the wig.

2. Use appropriate glue

When wearing a wig, you must choose the right glue. If you're buying a new glue, you'd better do a test on a small part of your skin, which will reduce the damage the glue can do to your hairline.

3. Wash your hair often

Taking care of your hair and wigs is one of the most important things you need to do so they don't become dry and brittle without any washing and care.

To keep hair and wigs healthy, it's good to wash your hair regularly. You need to make sure your hair is completely dry before wearing a wig, as any moisture under the wig can cause bacterial growth and cause problems for the hairline.


2. What are the benefits of wearing wigs

Make people become more beautiful

Wigs can come in many different hairstyles and colors, whether it's straight or curly, natural or other colors, and by wearing wigs you can achieve a variety of different shapes.

Help people protect their hair

When people wear wigs, their hair is under the wig cap, so there's no direct contact with the outside world, so it reduces a lot of things that can damage hair, like sunlight, bad air. Also, because all the hair is under the wig cap, people do not need to dye their hair to match the color of the wig they buy, which indirectly reduces the damage hair dye can cause to natural hair.

Very convenient

Inside the wig are combs and adjustable straps. People can use them to resize wigs to fit their heads. Even beginners don't need long-term professional guidance. When people want to change their hair, if you are good at installing wigs, we believe wigs will save people a lot of time.

For many people, perhaps finding a wig that is easy to wear will solve these problems and start to enjoy the benefits of a wig, and then opt for a wig.



Choose fashion glueless headband wigs

Like the name of the headband wig, it's the perfect combination of hair and headband. There are many styles of headband wigs and, like normal wigs, they are held in place by headbands. No glue is needed. Besides, it also has many advantages:

It's easy to wear and can be worn by anyone, no need to find a professional or use glue, so it won't damage your hairline.

Save time, office workers can save a lot of time when they're in a hurry, and even if you're rushing to an important appointment, you don't have to worry about your hair.

Comfortable and fit for all heads. The headband is originally black and you can choose different styles to match depending on your mood and what you are wearing.

Stop asking me if wearing a wig damages my hair, choose your favorite wig, and enjoy your wig!