How to apply your human hair lace front wig

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on April 14 2023

Have you ever heard of lace front wigs? In fact, it is a kind of lace wig, but the position of lace is different. The following will introduce the application method of lace front wig, hoping to be helpful to you.

 The front of the 13x4 lace front wig is the middle front. This is not bad at all, but there should be an elastic band on the inside of the wig. There are two combs near the front temple and a comb with an adjustable belt at the back.

As for the material on the hat, it's like an elastic mesh material, so it's really good for a woman with a big head, so stretch it on your big head this week.



Steps to wearing lace front wigs:

1. If the real hair is close to the chin, it is recommended to wrap the real hair with a hair net first, because the hair net has good elasticity. In order to avoid loosening during movement, the edge of the net must be fixed with a hairpin to ensure that the human hair wig will not fall off.

2. The closed position of the hair net should be placed behind the head, fixed with a hairpin, and then gently patted by hand to make the real hair more natural. If you have more real hair, you can braid it, fix it behind your head with a hairpin, and then put on a hairnet, which is more natural.

3. After opening the front lace wig package, hold the inner net of the lace wig with one hand and shake it gently, so that the fluffy effect of the new hair will be better and the wearer's hair wig will be more natural.

4. At the beginning of treatment, there will be some floating hair. These are loose fronts in the weaving process and will not appear after repeated care.

5. After the lace wig before nursing, first adjust the adjustment comb behind the wig inner net. It is recommended to adjust it to the outermost row before wearing it to feel its tightness. If you feel too loose, please remove the wig and adjust it to the right position before wearing it.

6. When wearing, it is recommended to find out the position of the hairline from front to back, and then pull the front lower part of the head back. Pull the inner net to the hair root near the neck and wrap all the hair nets. Then adjust the lining on both sides of the ear to ensure that the front lace wigs are placed accurately and symmetrically.

7. For the hairline, you can cut a little lace at the position of the human wig, and then make it more suitable for your scalp. Finally, use a little liquid foundation to make it look more natural.

The way humans wear wigs is almost the same. The most important thing to pay attention to is the usual care and the first wear.



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