How long does a closure wig last?

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Posted on May 12 2023

Lace closure wig is a kind of lace wig. They are all made of the same material - human hair and lace. As we all know, the service life of high-quality wigs is about 1-2 years. However, human hair and lace are relatively fragile materials, so they need careful and regular maintenance. Otherwise, the service life will be greatly shortened. This includes washing hair and avoiding exposure to factors that may damage hair.


How to clean wigs?

Although many people wear wigs now, few people know how to wash wigs correctly.

Before shampoo: brush your hair gently from the tip with a wide tooth comb to avoid knotting and reduce falling off. When there are no more knots, you can work from the end to the root.

During cleaning:

1. After wetting the hair, weave a diluted conditioner for the virgin hair to cover the whole length. Or you can do the same by applying moisturizing and safety oils. If your hair is dyed, you should choose a shampoo that keeps the color.

2. Just as we do with our hair, we keep it nutritious for 15-20 minutes.

3. the time has come for us to rinse the foam on our hair slowly.

4. Squeeze out the water with a towel. Don't touch it! Otherwise, it will cause the hair to tangle or fall off.

After cleaning: find a cool and ventilated place to dry your hair. Never expose yourself to the sun. Or what you did in the last step was futile. Your hair will become brittle and dry. If you are in a hurry to wear a wig, you can use a dryer. Make sure the dryer is set to low temperature.

Some Tips:

1. If you often wear a wig, it is recommended to wash it every two to three months.

2. It is best to use warm water.


What factors can cause hair damage?

Bad wig quality

There is a big difference between good quality wigs and poor quality wigs. If the quality of the wig you buy is not good, no matter how carefully you maintain it, the wig is still easy to fall off and lose luster. Therefore, the maintenance mentioned above is based on the good quality of the wig you choose.

Amateur bleaching and hair dyeing

Excessive harmful chemicals can damage your hair and lace. For example, your hair is more likely to fall off your lace hat. Most importantly, the damage is almost irreversible. If our own hair is damaged, we can nourish them through time until they shine again, because hair can absorb nutrients from our body. But wigs can't! Therefore, we need to take care of our wigs from the beginning. If you really want to bleach or dye, you should do it with the help of professionals.

The hair is exposed to the sun for a long time

As we mentioned earlier, drying your hair in the sun after washing is the wrong choice. For the same reason, when wearing wigs, we should not expose our hair to the sun for too long. Like our skin, ultraviolet rays in the sun can also lead to tanning and burns, and even skin diseases. Similarly, without protection, hair will be greatly damaged. If you can't stop it, you can wear a hat or use an umbrella.
Exposure to unhealthy water, such as sea water and rain, can cause damage to hair, because unknown substances can make hair dry and stiff.

All these factors can cause damage to hair. After we understand the knowledge of causing damage, we can consciously avoid this situation.


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