How do I care of my human hair wig?

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 15 2023

How do I maintain my wig?

The more cautious and gentle you are about Brazilian wigs, the longer they will last.

Keep your hair clean. Our hair will get greasy and dirty. Please keep your scalp clean before wearing a wig.

Remember not to wear a wig when your hair is still wet, because it can breed bacteria.

When you comb your wig, try a special wide tooth comb. Steel and metal combs are also good. Do not use plastic combs that generate static electricity. Comb patiently from the end of the wig to the top. If possible, you can spray some oil-free conditioner or essential oil during combing to maintain moisture.

If you want to design wigs, it is recommended that you find professionals specializing in wig care and styling, who will provide you with a lot of help.

For details on how to maintain your human hair wigs, please click to view another article.



FAQs on human hair and wig care

1. Can I use regular hair care products on my wig?

Generally speaking, you can use traditional hair products to clean human wigs, but you can't use shampoo products specially designed for synthetic wigs to clean human wigs. If your wig is a high-quality wig made of primitive human hair, for best results, we recommend that you buy hair care products designed for human wigs to clean your wig. These special hair care products are very gentle and will not damage your wig.

2. Can I dye my wig?

Human wigs can be dyed or colored, which is good news for people who want to change their hair style. Dyeing can make you look more fashionable and beautiful.

If you want to dye a person's wig, you can dye it a deeper color. Do not try to dye it into a lighter color, because the bleach used to lighten the wig will stimulate the wig, cause irreversible damage to the hair and shorten the service life of the wig.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended that you dye a cheap human hair lace wig, because no matter how you dye it, your wig will gradually lose its luster and softness.



3. Can I take a bath or swim with my wig on?

We do not recommend that you still wear a wig when bathing or swimming. First, the temperature of the bath water is too high, which will damage the hair of the wig; Then the water in the swimming pool contains chemicals such as chloride, which will stimulate the wig, make the wig lose luster, become curly and reduce its service life.

4. Can I sleep with my wig on?

It is not recommended that you wear a wig to sleep. In the process of sleeping, if you do not change the direction, it is difficult to avoid sleeping, which will cause the wig to rub back and forth, curl and knot. If your wig wears quickly, like a wig on your head, you can take it off before you go to bed. If you still want to sleep with a wig, it is recommended that you wear a hair cap to sleep, or put a silk scarf on the pillow to reduce the friction of the wig.

5. How should I store my wig?

The storage of human wigs is also a noteworthy issue. If not stored properly, the wig will become dry, curly and easy to break. If your wig is not used for the time being, you can make the colored wigs with silk or satin fabric. If not, put it in a plastic bag in a cool place. This can reduce water evaporation in the wig and prevent wig replacement. Dry and fragile, it can also prevent dust. Do not put fake goods into cloth bags or cotton bags that can absorb moisture.

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