Ginger Wig: Do You Want To Try It?

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Posted on August 02 2023

Autumn and winter is a romantic season, many women like to change their hair color to change their appearance. Among them, the ginger wig has become popular with its unique hue. This stunning wig comes in fantastic and trendy colors that you can use to create gorgeous looks. In the season surrounded by dark colors, a bright ginger wig is enough to make you stand out and add some fashionable glamor and style to your outfit.


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Best ginger wigs from Alibonnie Hair


What is a ginger wig?

What color is the ginger wig? It's hard to describe, but we can intuitively feel its uniqueness and brilliance from the appearance. Ginger is a shade mainly between strawberry blonde and classic red, with more orange than strawberry blonde and less than classic red. It is essentially a light red wig with a reddish brown color added, which is one of the most natural red wigs. In the sun, the ginger wig looks even more warm and charming!

Why ginger wigs are so popular?

Starting from the autumn and winter season of 2021, ginger wigs have emerged in an endless stream and have been very popular in the wig market. Until 2022, this warm-toned wig will still dominate the fashion trend. If you missed the ginger wig before, this is the best time for you to try it. Compared with traditional natural color or black, ginger wig has a stronger matching ability in autumn and winter. The color of clothes in this season is mainly dark, and choosing a ginger wig at this time can brighten up the whole shape and make you look more attractive. It is like the color in the warm winter sun, which can perfectly set off or brighten your natural skin tone, making you more youthful and energetic. While bringing you bright colors, ginger wigs also provide the same feel as human hair wigs, helping the wearer feel stylish and natural.


How to maintain your ginger wigs?

The color of the ginger wig is very special, if you want to keep its color longer, you need some professional and meticulous care methods.

When washing the wig, pay attention to the temperature of the water. The temperature of the water you use can have a huge impact on the color of your hair. We always recommend that you use warm water instead of hot water to wash colored wigs, which can avoid the color of the wig being damaged by hot water.

Use a mild, non-irritating shampoo and hair mask to prevent chemicals from damaging the cuticle of your ginger wig and causing frizz and discoloration.

Keep your ginger wig out of direct sunlight. Just like our skin, UV exposure can also cause some damage to the wig, and it can easily fade if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Beginner Friendly | How to install a ginger wig


Best ginger wigs from Alibonnie Hair

1. Alibonnie Flash Sale Ginger Color Transparent Lace Body Wave Human Hair 13x4 Lace Front Wigs



I love it very soft can’t wait to put it on yess very Nice wig

Hair has greatttt color, highly recommended. Love the hair.

I really like this wig it takes color pretty well

The hair is beautiful,soft, no shedding or tangling issues.You don't have to keep setting it. The hair remains soft.

Really good hair quality, fast shipment, no shedding, and it’s full! Holds curls well too, can’t really complain with this one!

2. Ginger Orange Color Lace Front Wig Body Wave Human Hair Wigs Pre Plucked Natural Hairline


The hair is beautiful and I love how soft it is. I definitely love the color..

Okay first of all yes. This hair is so fire it did take a week and some change to get to me but I’m so satisfied. I get so many questions about my wig and compliments. Will be ordering again

Excellent quality, hair is so soft, thick, no shedding . The customer service was also wonderful.

My Unit is 200% Guaranteed Like They Said. Thank You. You Have A Future Client In Me

The wig is perfect, I ask 13x4 lace wig with transparent lace,you can see the picture,the lace is amazing. And the hair color so beautiful

3. Auburn Ginger Color Curly Hair Wigs Virgin Human Hair 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig Pre Plucked Beginner Friendly


Beautiful hair I washed it looks so good I was skeptical at first but it’s good hair

love this hair ! Has been amazing ! The hair is easy to maintain & keeps the beautiful curls very well.Love the lace and love the texture, softness, everything!

This by far is one of my favorite wigs. The hair is soft and full. It does shed when brushing it out but that’s expected with curly hair

DO NOT hesitate to buy!! This my second time ordering from this company and they never disappoint me. The hair lasts well over a year! the lace blends into my skin so well, and it doesn’t tangle or shed.

Love it so much. Doesn’t shed to much and is so beautiful dry!


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