Posted on July 07 2023

How to determine which lace wig best meets your needs?

Buying a lace wig for the first time should be a rather arduous process, because there are many choices on the market now. This option is not limited to positioning styles that match the face, because the structure of lace wigs is also different. The diversity of lace wigs enables people to better meet the requirements of this lifestyle and image.

In this blog, Alibonnie have introduced the difference between lace receiving and full lace wigs to eliminate some of the confusion that first-time users usually encounter.



You should consider before deciding whether to buy a front lace wig or a full lace wig:

Are you very active and do you need unusually safe wigs?

Do you plan to wear a wig occasionally or daily?

Are you gentle or stern when styling the hair on your head?

How do you want to design your hair?

How long does it take to wear a wig?

Do you want to change the color, curl or straighten the hair associated with the wig?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Lace Wig?

They are really completely built on a lace base by having lace seams across the entire periphery related to the mind to fix (such as just from the front of the ear to the ear just like a lace wig is the front of the object). The hair in the wig is lightweight and versatile, and can be separated at any practical point and in any direction. Hair can be tied into a ponytail or braided.

Because of the wide variety of styles to choose from and the wide range of uses, they are very popular. Since wigs need adhesives to ensure that they can be used correctly, they can take longer than usual lace wigs. For many people who just want to wear a lace wig occasionally and for a short period of time, this is usually an urgent issue, and they may not have much time for you to make time when preparing. However, if you plan to wear a wig for a few days or weeks at a time, this is not a pressing issue.




Lace wigs are generally more common than many other wigs

Lower hair and scalp can be inhaled

They are comfortable and lightweight

They have more styles,This is very attractive to women

They can be worn for a long time.more durable.

You can also wear a full lace wig to sleep, exercise and swim. 


    It takes time to install wigs.

    Very unfriendly to novices.

    Sometimes it’s not a good thing to stick too tightly.



        Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of the front lace wig?

        The lace front wig is made of lace at the front, but a stronger and stronger product is used on the straight back, similar to the products of ordinary wigs. From the ear to the front of the ear are secured with adhesive or tape, and can be machined to make a hat with elasticity or a belt with elasticity on a straight back.

        It may not be necessary to bond the wig with an adhesive on the back and front, which saves some application time, so it may be more suitable for short-term or occasional wear that requires less preparation time. Although the undeniable fact is that the seam is not glued to the entire boundary of this thought, this ensures that even if the hair can still be tied into a low ponytail, it cannot be involved in any way, because it can have a complete lace wig.


        Compared with the integrated lace wig, the front lace wig is faster and easier to use

        You will wear a low ponytail lace front wig on the face and back

        lace can be used by your front wig instead of heavier locks


        Hairline that looks normal

        Suitable for long-term wear


          Front lace wigs are not as versatile as integrated lace wigs.

            After you consider the pros and cons associated with the lace wigs provided, you can choose products that are easier to buy.