Dolly Parton Shows What She Really Look Like Without Wigs

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on June 26 2023

Dolly Parton is an American singer-songwriter, actress, philanthropist and businesswoman, known primarily for her decades-long career in country music(from wikipedia). Aside from her legendary personality, angelic voice and philanthropy, voluminous wigs are an important aspect of her signature image. She's worn a variety of wigs over the decades, so few people have seen Dolly Parton without the wigs? Today, we step inside Dolly Parton to explore why she loves wigs, her natural hair, and what she looks like without her signature wig.

The Evolution of Dolly Parton's Hair and Wigs

There are many celebrities who wear wigs. Dolly Parton is one of the proudest and most open about wearing celebrity wigs! You'll never see Dolly Parton without a wig or makeup.


Dolly Parton, born in 1946, began her career as a singer-songwriter in the 1960s. In her early years, she wore the messy and fluffy hairstyle that was popular at the time. As her career progressed, her hairstyle evolved to include wigs, which became her signature look.


Dolly wore a wig for several reasons. As a performer, she is required to attend a variety of occasions and events, including concerts, interviews and appearances. Wigs allow her to maintain a consistent and flattering look without spending hours styling her own hair.


In addition, the reason why Dolly Parton chose to wear a wig is that her hair is thin and flat and cannot be styled into the style she wants. The constant styling, bleaching, and heat treatments can take a toll on her hair, making wigs the ideal solution to maintain her signature look without compromising her natural hair.


Dolly's wig is an extension of her creativity and artistic expression. Over the years, she's worn a variety of wigs, from classic country curls to straight, sleek styles. Her wigs allow her to experiment with different looks while maintaining and showing off her glamour.


What does Dolly Parton look like without a wig?

Even though we associate Dolly with her wig, it's fun to imagine her without it. On the rare occasions she's spotted without her signature wig, the transformation is quite dramatic.


In 2018, Parton shared a throwback photo of herself in the studio without a wig. Even without the wig, she still looks beautiful. Parton revealed that while she does wear wigs when she appears or performs, she doesn't always wear them at home. Dolly Parton was always known for her lavish wigs. But in this no-wig photo, you can catch a glimpse of her natural hair.