Do I need conditioner for my wig

Written by 王 俊广


Posted on June 13 2023

When I asked my friend if he used human hair wig conditioner? Surprisingly, the answer is not to use conditioner at all. When asked why, they felt that the effect of using conditioner was not good, and they needed to clean their hair again, which was troublesome.


Do we really need artificial wig conditioner?

In fact, this is wrong. Using conditioner after shampoo is the second step to clean hair. It can not only clean hair twice, but also moisturize and restore hair, secrete essential oil, and keep hair healthy, soft, free of dirt and damage. Therefore, when we wash human wigs, we must use conditioner.

The best human hair also needs extremely meticulous care. The use frequency of human hair wigs is closely related to life and nursing methods. Correctly managing the care and maintenance of human hair wigs can not only keep human hair soft and shiny, but also prolong the service life of wigs.


How to use conditioner to care for our human wigs?

1. Dry your wig before applying conditioner

Before using conditioner, use lace wig, wipe the hair without dripping, and then apply conditioner. For the same reason, the more concentrated hair care products, such as essence, hair film, and so on, the higher the requirement for the dryness of hair. If there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner will not be absorbed effectively.

2. Apply conditioner

If it is a long lace front wig, comb it from bottom to top, from top to root, and avoid pulling it to the bottom of the wig net. In addition, when combing, you should comb in sections to avoid pulling your hair. The action should be gentle. Distribute the conditioner evenly and gently on the carding machine.

3. Try some olive oil

If the quality of human hair wig is dry, when using conditioner, it is best to mix a few drops of olive oil to make the hair solidify deeper. After uniform application, wrap the wig with plastic film and keep it open for at least 15 minutes before washing.

4. Retention time of conditioner

After using the conditioner, don't rub and wash it. In that case, the conditioner has no effect at all. Let the conditioner stay on the wig for 10 minutes, because the function of the conditioner is short-term. In fact, it can only provide nutrition to the hair within a certain period of time. So we don't need to keep the air conditioner on for too long.

Finally, if you want to buy a virgin wig, you need to be careful. Regular professional maintenance of high-end wigs has the best effect, which can improve hair vitality and keep beautiful wigs soft, bright and easy to manage.