Choose V Part Wig Or Headband Wig?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on February 27 2023

Many people wear wigs for a variety of reasons, among which the V part wig and headband wig are preferred by most women because they are easy and quick to put on. V part wigs or headband wig, which one is better? To help customers make a better decision, we describe in detail the similarities and differences between V part wigs and headband wigs.

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What is v part wig?

What are the advantages of v part wig?

What is headband wig?

What are the advantages of headband wig?

The similarities between v part wigs and headband wigs

The differences between v part wigs and headband wigs

Choose v part wigs or headband wigs?

What is v part wig?



The V part wig is an upgrade of the U part wig, with a V-shaped opening at the top. Through this opening, you can pull out a small section of hair to blend with your natural hair for a more natural look. Since the V part wig has a smaller opening, it can also be called a thin part wig.

What are the advantages of v part wig?

No glue no lace

The v part wig has no lace, so there is no need to fix it by using glue, friendly for beginners.

Natural looking

You can pull a small section of hair through the opening to blend the wig into it without risking exposure.

Easy to install and remove

The V part wig can be put on and taken off in just a few minutes, great time and effort saver.


V part wig is much cheaper than lace wigs. If you're on a tight budget but want a natural looking wig, the V part wig is a great option.

What is headband wig?



A headband wig is just like its name, a wig with a headband attached. The headband slides around the head and is held in place with some clips and an adjustable headband. Since the headband is made of soft material, there will be no discomfort when wearing it.

What are the advantages of headband wigs?

Different styles for you to choose

You can achieve a whole new look by choosing from different kinds of headband styles and colors, which is very convenient.

Save your time

There is no any lace on human hair headband wigs, so you don't need to spend extra time handling and trimming the lace.

Protect and hide your hairline

There is no need glue to install headband wigs, which can avoid glue damage your scalp and hairline. Also, headband wigs are perfect for protection and concealment if your natural hairline is not very flattering.

Easy and fast to wear

No need to cut lace, it can be worn in a few minutes, and you can put it on and take it off every day.

The similarities between v part wigs and headband wigs

No glue no lace, both of them are glueless wigs

Easy and convinent to wear and remove

More affordable than lace wigs

Friendly for beginners and suitable for summer



The differences between v part wigs and headband wigs

Different prices

Under the same conditions, v part wigs are more expensive than headband wigs.

Different installation methods

Although they are both glueless wigs, they are installed differently.

V part wigs: Braid the hair into a corn braid, and reserve a part of the hair required for the top V-shaped opening according to your preference, then insert the clips and adjustable straps on the wig into the wig to fix it. Finally the natural hair is mixed with the wig.

Headband wigs: Braid your hair first, then wear a headband wig like a hat.

Choose v part wigs or headband wigs?

While what wig you wear is ultimately a matter of personal preference, it's best not to wear a V part wig if you have thinning hair on top of your head. Since your hair doesn't completely cover the v-shaped opening, it's easy to know you're wearing a wig, so a headband wig is more suitable for you.

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