Body Wave VS Loose Wave, Which Hair To Choose?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on February 13 2023

Body wave and loose wave are two types of hair and are very popular among women. Visually, they are very similar, so how to distinguishon them? This blog will help you understand the difference between body waves and loose waves. After fully understanding their features and advantages, it will be easy for you to know which hair is more suitable for you. Let's get to know them now!


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What is body wave hair?

Characteristics of body wave hair

What is loose wave hair?

Characteristics of loose wave hair?

What are the differences between body wave hair and loose wave hair?

 Body wave VS loose wave, which hair to choose?

What is body wave hair?

A body wave wig is loose curls formed into an "S"-like shape. It is shiny and soft. The body wave style allows you to freely straighten or curl to achieve any look you desire. If you are not satisfied with straight hair and are interested in curly hair, then body wave will be your first choice. It can be mixed with your own hair to help your hair look more natural.


Characteristics of body wave hair

Body wave hair is cut directly from the same donor head with pristine cuticle, no shed, no tangles, soft and healthy.

Body wave hair has a unique "S" shaped pattern, which creates gorgeous waves and volume that looks sexy. Hair with this texture can be blended with natural hair for a more natural look.

Body waves are an ideal choice if you like simple hairstyles.

Body waves are popular with women for their stylish hairstyles and unique looks.

Body wave hair can be dyed and bleached without losing its luster or softness. This makes it perfect for women who want to experiment with different colors.

With proper care, body waves can last a long time.

What is loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair is neither too tight nor too straight. Loose waves have a tighter and smaller curl pattern compared to body waves, which is one of the reasons some women prefer loose curl hair. This hair is made from pure human hair, has healthy, full ends without any split ends. With its thick ends, the loose wave is also more volume and natural than other hair on the market.

Characteristics of loose wave hair

Loose wave is made of 100% human hair, soft and easy to maintain.

The curls of loose wave do not flow in a single direction

It looks very glossy.

The curls in loose wavr hair are created tight, which helps add more volume to the hair. It is ideal for women who want to have thicker hair.

The curls in this hairstyle are perfect, neither too loose nor too tight. This makes it possible to design them in an easy and aesthetically pleasing way.

What are the differences between body wave hair and loose wave hair?

There are certain subtle differences between body waves and deep waves. Let's take a look together so you can make a better decision.


Differences     Body Wave       Loose Wave
Volume     Larger Volume           SmallerVolume 
Curl Pattern    "S" Shaped Pattern   Smaller And Tighter
Elasticity      Less  Elasticity     More Elasticity        
Last        Normal    Longer


In terms of volume, loose waves are fuller.

Body waves feature "S" shaped waves, while loose waves have smaller and tighter curls.

Compared with body waves, loose waves are more elastic.

The curls of loose wave hair last longer than those of body wave hair.


Body wave VS loose wave, which hair to choose?

Body wave hair or loose wave hair? Which hair do you want to choose? They are all made of 100% human natural hair without chemical treatment to give you beautiful wavy patterns. If you prefer tighter and more bouncy hair, then loose waves are perfect for you. If you need loose and wavy hair, then body waves will be your best choice. We are confident that no matter which hairstyle you choose, it will look great on you!