Best Wigs For Keeping Cool In Summer

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on July 05 2023

Summer is a great time to enjoy the sun! The change of seasons not only means that the temperature rises, but also the best time to change your hairstyle! You can use some stylish wigs to quickly change styles and hairstyles in a short period of time.

Yet for many wig wearers, wearing a wig in the summer can be a challenge. Certain wigs can leave you feeling hot, sweaty, and heavy, which isn't as fun as it sounds. However, there is no need to toss your wig to the side in summer. We've rounded up some of the best wigs for summer, so read on.

What are the best wig styles for summer?

When wearing a wig in summer, it is best to choose a light-colored one. Light colors don't absorb as much heat as dark colors. If you want to stay cool in the sun, this is something to keep in mind when choosing a summer wig color.

Short wigs are perfect for hot weather and allow you to change up your style. There are plenty of beautiful short wig styles to choose from for summer, including sleek bobs, textured pixie cuts, and wavy lobs.

If you prefer longer hair, choose a full lace wig or a 360 so you can wear your hair in a loose ponytail or messy updo. Besides, the latest air wigs are also the perfect choice for those women who like to have long hair but want to keep it cool in summer.

Best wigs for keeping cool in summer

Short bob wigs

For warm weather, the shorter the wig, the better. So short bob wigs from 8 to 14 inches are perfect for hot summer days. This means your neck and back will not be covered in long hair, keeping you as cool as possible.

Of course, if you think the classic bob look is too monotonous, you can choose to make your bob wig more interesting by adding different colors. In addition to the most common 613 hair color, pink and blue are also perfect choices for summer bob wigs.

360 lace wigs

360 lace wigs are laced around the entire circumference of the wig. This means you can wear the wig in a high ponytail because the lace at the back will look like your scalp. The middle section is machine sewn to the wig cap. 360 wigs are very versatile, in the hot summer, you can choose to make the wig into a high ponytail to keep cool.

Glueless wigs

What does glueless wig mean? It does not require any glue or gel, avoiding the slippery and uncomfortable feeling of glue when wearing a wig and sweating in summer. Both U/V part wigs and headband wigs are glueless human hair wigs, which are not only comfortable to wear, but also do not harm natural hair at all, and are protective wig types.

Air wigs

The air wig is a new type of wig with an open wig cap and a detachable, adjustable elastic band. The biggest advantage of this kind of wig is that it allows the scalp and hair to breathe freely, which is conducive to the growth and health of natural hair. This wig can keep you cool when you wear the wig in the hot summer. In addition, air wigs is a pre-cut lace wig, very easy to install, does not require any installation skills, very friendly for wig beginners and busy women.

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