Are Air Lace Wigs Worth The Money?

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on March 02 2023

For most women, wigs are not an unfamiliar word. People have chosen to wear wigs for a variety of reasons. When buying a wig, air permeability must be considered, which directly affects whether the wig is comfortable to wear. Especially in hot weather, a breathable wig can keep the scalp comfortable and cool. Out of this demand, air lace wigs emerged. If you have never touched an air lace wig before and don't know what it is, then please read this article. You'll get a whole new appreciation for it here.

What are air lace wigs?

Air lace wigs are the most invisible lace wigs on the web. You will hardly see any lace on the head and it will create the illusion that the hair is growing straight out of it. The new air wig adopts a strip elastic mesh hair cap, which brings more breathing and comfort to the scalp. 4x4 air lace wigs, 5x5 air lace wigs, 13x4 air lace frontal wigs can be found easily in the market. You can freely choose the air lace wig you want according to the style you like.

Features of air lace wigs

100% human hair, giving you soft touch and realistic look

Pre-cut lace, pre-bleached, no additional treatment required, beginner friendly

The most invisible lace for all skin tones

Quick installation in minutes, wear-and-go air lace wig

What are the benefits of air lace wigs?

Pre-cut lace, directly save the step of subtracting lace, convenient and simple. The pre-cut lace design allows the wearer to save a lot of time and effort when installing the wig. It is undoubtedly very friendly for wearers who are afraid of troubles and wig beginners.

For women who wear wigs every day, once a lace wig is installed, it may take more than 10 hours before it can be removed. Therefore, neither the hair nor the scalp can breathe properly during this time. Whereas the air lace wig is made of mesh hair cap, which allows more air in, allowing your scalp to breathe freely.

Air lace wigs are glueless wigs that don't require glue, gel, or other adhesives to hold them in place. Use the adjustable elastic band to fix the wig on your head, you don't have to worry about the risk of the wig falling off. It can be installed or removed in just a few minutes, and it is undoubtedly a better choice to choose a wear-and-go air lace wig on busy mornings. 360 lace  wigs are also a good choice for you.

Are air lace wigs worth the money?

Compared with ordinary lace wigs, the price of air lace wigs will undoubtedly be more expensive. But for women who pursue wig comfort and breathability, air lace wigs will undoubtedly be better. This type of wig has good airflow and lots of loops. Keeps you cool and comfortable no matter how hot the weather gets.