6 Must-Have Glamorous Blonde Lace Front Wigs For Summer

Written by jinhua liu


Posted on May 30 2023

Do blondes really have more fun? Are you itching to try blonde hair? Not only does blonde hair make you stand out from the crowd, but you look radiant in the sun. Blonde can even enhance other hair colors, allowing you to get creative with ombres for vibrant blends that are absolutely gorgeous! Opting for a blonde wig is the perfect way to spend the summer in style. Ready to get creative with your blonde wigs this summer? Follow us for a look at these stunning blonde lace front wig hairstyles!

Honey Blonde Lace Front Wigs With Side Part

If you love a lace front wig with a soft, classy vibe, the honey blonde lace front wigs with side part is the perfect look to kick off the summer fest! With gently flipped honey blonde long hair and a stylish side part, you will accentuate your beautiful facial features. Try pairing long blond lace front hair with dark roots for a natural look that will make you look great in every way!

Piano Honey Blonde Highlights Lace Front Wigs

If the highlight strips don't provide enough pop of color, and the normal highlights are too predictable for you, then the piano highlight style is for you. Alternating wider bands of color on a straight and body wave lace front wig will give blondes a whole new level of glamour!

Blonde Body Wave Lace Front Wigs

Are you worried that your blonde can't be trusted? If you prefer wigs with a natural finish, choosing dark roots will help achieve a convincing, undetectable blend. Make sure to choose a wig with dark brown or black roots for better quality results.

Blonde Lace Front Bob Wigs

Of course, summer brings a lot of heat, and with that extra heat, you can certainly expect a lot of sweat! If you're tired of the humidity and don't want your long wigs to get soggy and matted, try a short cut for the hotter months. The versatility of the bob is one of the reasons it has always been at the cutting edge of hairstyle fashion, try the glamorous blonde lace front bob wig this summer and it is sure to be emulated!

Platinum Blonde Highlights Lace Front Wig

Platinum blonde highlights lace front wigs also look great on a summer breeze! Instead of opting for a gold ombre or highlight, go bold and be yourself and try a platinum lace front wig. Try adding some platinum highlights to black hair for an added touch of style and uniqueness.

Blonde Ombre Highlight Straight Bob Wigs

Straight bob wigs look great with any shade of blonde hair. Do you like styling that gradually blends in with different colors? If you want to try an easier way to style your summer blonde, start with a blonde ombre bob wig with dark roots. This color transition allows you to have fun with blonde hair while enjoying your natural look. Pair them with a middle part for easy styling and the perfect blend.

From luxurious long wigs to trendy short wigs, the possible ways to have fun with blonde hair this summer are endless. Any choice of blonde lace front wig will have you enjoying real summer goodness!

If you want to protect your natural hair from coloring while experimenting with new looks, choose Alibonnie's range of lace front blonde wigs for best results. With these beautiful lace front blonde wigs, you can enjoy yourself all summer.