Side Part Deep Wave Wig


Changing your hair is not only fun, but it can also refresh your look. As a special existence, deep wave hair can always bring surprises to people. They effortlessly contour the face, lighting up and accentuating your best features. The classic middle part deep wave wig is the main choice for most women, looking good and safe, you can rarely go wrong. But for women who are daring for a new look, side part deep wave wig is worth a try!

What is a deep wave side part?

A side part is a style of hairstyle, a simple parting of the hair on the side. Simple yet sophisticated, the perfect deep wave side part wig is easy to achieve at home or in the barbershop. Hair brushed to one side for a sleeker and more glamorous style, it looks great!

How to get side part deep wave wig?

It is not so difficult to make a side part deep wave wig, just follow the steps below:

Comb your hair back, choose where you want the side part to be, and use the tip of the rat tail as a side.

Spritz your styler along the side of your hair that wants to go the other way, apply styling product to hair.

Wait for it to dry, and use bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

For extra hold, use a paddle brush to create tension on one side of the part. Use a hairdryer on an area of hair, pull it out after 5-10 seconds, let it cool, then repeat on the other side of your part.

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