Honey Blonde Wig On Dark Skin


In the past, dark-skin girls may have been less willing to try blonde wigs because they felt it would not bring successful results. Some women who are willing to take the plunge are hesitant to choose blond hair, not sure which shade will suit them better. But now, with the proliferation of various types of blonde wigs, it is common for dark-skinned women to wear blonde wigs. While dark-skinned women can choose any shade of blonde wig for their skin tone, some shades are better than others. You need to find out the best blonde color for you.



Common blonde shades on dark skin

Honey blonde color — a common honey blonde color ideal for women with medium to dark skin tones

Platinum blonde color — this color is suitable for skin with some golden tones

Ash blonde color— for medium to darker skin tones, it creates dramatic color contrast

Strawberry blonde color — strawberry blonde looks great on women with cool, neutral skin tones



Great idea for dark skin

1. honey blonde wig on dark skin

Honey blonde wigs are very popular and a must try for women with warmer skin tones. But again, a honey blonde wig on darker skin can give great results.

2. Platinum blonde wig on dark skin

Platinum wigs look great on dark skin, and this lighter hair color can be a nice contrast to dark skin. If your undertones are warmer, go for platinum, which will make you look perfect.

3. Ash blonde wig on dark skin

Known for having some shades of gray, this wig will suit almost all skin tones. Women with dark skin can choose it without hesitation.

4. Blonde wig with dark roots on dark skin

Dark roots with blond hair are what make women who wear blonde look their natural presence. There is a clear contrast between the dark roots and the downward blonde color, and the cascading of the two colors is perfect. Women with dark skin are confident enough to win when it comes to their blonde wig choice.


In conclusion, no matter which shade you choose, the most important thing is that you like it! If you're looking for a blonde wig collection for this, check out Alibonnie's selection of the best blonde wigs and the honey blonde wig collection.