Double Drawn Hair Wig

What does a double drawn hair wig mean?

A double drawn hair wig means that all the hair on the wig is about the same length. When you get a double drawn hair wig, you will find that the hair has been drawn to a specific length. For double drawn hair, they are super strong from root to ends. Unlike single drawn wigs where the volume tapers off from the root to the end of the wig, double drawn wigs are thicker to the tip.

Benefits and shortcoming of double drawn hair wigs

Advantages: If voluminous and voluptuous hair is what you're after, double drawn hair wig is a great choice. As the hair extensions are thick all the way to the ends, it's easy to create a fuller look.

Disadvantages: Double drawn wig is more expensive because it takes longer to separate these lengths when doing them. As double drawn hair extensions are thick from the root tip, this can make the tresses very heavy. If you have fine hair, this weight may be too much for the hair to support without causing damage, so double drawn hair wigs are not for everyone.

Alibonnie super double drawn wig

Alibonnie provides you the best quality double pumped hair made of 15A Grade 100% human hair from one donor, which can help create a thicker look. You'll find that our double drawn wigs are thick from root to tip so you can achieve a thick, natural look at an affordable price.

You will get from AliBonnie super double drawn wig:

Fullness that maintains the same length and shape from roots to tips

Blends perfectly with all hair lengths, even short hair

Provides the overall appearance of a thicker hair unit

Easy to cut, style and blend