Deep Wave HairStyles


If you think straight hairstyles are sometimes too drab and everything is dull, try deep wave hairstyles! It will bring you different textures and versatility to add something new and unique to your style.

What is deep wave hair?

The texture of the deep wave wig is smooth waves, and the curl is looser than the water wave wig, but tighter and more curly than the body wave wig. It's a great texture and is very popular for having sexy wavy curls and a gorgeous chic look.


Deep wave hairstyles that you will like

Deep waves can be achieved in a number of ways, and you have several options to achieve the perfect look. Check out these deep wave hairstyles you will love, with different styles for you to try!

Side part deep wave wig

If you don't like the typical centermiddle part deep wave hairstyle, then you might as well try a side part deep wave wig. Simply part your deep wave wig at the side and let it cascade down your back.

High Bun

High bun is one of the easiest styling methods, you'll start by combing all your hair back, first in a ponytail, and pinning all of your hair at the top. If you can, wrap a patterned silk scarf around your hair for a high-fashion twist on your high bun.


Half Up Half Down

The half up half down hairstyle is very suitable for leisure or busy life, and the method of making it is very simple. Just make the top half of your deep wave wigs into a high bun, leaving the bottom half free to show behind. No doubt it's a breeze for anyone.

Deep wave bob hairstyle

Short deep wave bob hairstyles are less expensive and easy to maintain, and the full, wavy texture and unique style add to the look.

Crown braid

Crown braids are one of the most popular hairstyles for deep wave wigs. The appearance of the hair will be more layered and textured, giving people a noble and fashionable temperament. You can choose to wear some sparkly hair accessories around the braids to make the whole look even more glamorous.