22 Inch Wig

With the continuous development of technology and the needs of customers, there are more and more types of wigs. Therefore, there are often many things to pay attention to when choosing a suitable wig. Not only the type of wig, the color and density of the wig, but also the length of the wig, etc. must be considered.

How long is a 22 inch wig?

The length of the wig refers to the distance from the top of the wig to the tip of the hair. We all know that 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm, so a 22 inch wig is about 55-56 cm, which belongs to the range of long hair. This length hangs over your upper or mid back area, depending on your height and body proportions. Since everyone's height and body proportions are different, the position of the 22 inch wig hanging at the back will be slightly different, and the actual effect can only be known after wearing it.

Why should you try a 22 inch wig?

While short hair limits the variety of hairstyles and styles available, long wig is suitable for a variety of hairstyles, and they can change your overall look whenever you choose. If you are a love fan of long hair and want to get the ideal hair length, 22 inch wig will be one of your best choices. From soft, innocent shapes to mature and charming feminine styles, you can transform your look by styling the 22 inch wig into a variety of charming hairstyles. Choose from a 22 inch wig and you might sport a sporty, stylish look today, and a sophisticated, ladylike look the next day, with just a few braids or buns to jazz things up .

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