How To Choose The Right Wig

Written by Mike Oasis


Posted on December 29 2023

First, let’s talk about wigs. What is a wig? Hair made by artificial technology and used for decoration. It can be worn as a headdress for people with baldness or thinning hair, or as part of costumes, official or professional attire, or fashionable decorations.

There are many types of hair materials to choose from. The more common ones include human hair, synthetic hair and cow hair.


Human Hair

Human hair, as the name suggests, is a wig made of human hair. Barber shops are one of the main places to collect human hair. The hair that falls off after customers get their hair cut is collected and sold to wig manufacturing factories. In addition, some customers with good hair quality will have their hair cut neatly. Sold to hair buyers.

Human hair is divided into foamed hair, smooth hair, original hair cut, etc. Foamed hair is the hair that is trimmed in the barber shop. Since these hairs are scattered on the ground and then collected, most of them are upside down and look messy. 

The opposite is smooth hair, which is mostly cut directly from the person's head. For example, during the Republic of China, men were required to cut their braids. The braids cut from men's hair were straight hair, with the head and tail not upside down.

In addition, human hair is also divided into Indian hair, European hair and Chinese hair. Among them, European hair is the thinnest and softest, Chinese hair is thicker and harder, and Indian hair is softer and the best. So it is most commonly used for hair.

Chemical Fiber Hair

Chemical fiber hair is an artificial raw material, which is a supplement to human hair. Chemical fiber hair is divided into low-temperature filaments, high-temperature filaments and protein filaments. Among them, low-temperature yarn can maintain its shape when heated to 80 degrees, and can be made into some exaggerated and highly supportive styles, and is often used in the production of hair curtains; high-temperature yarn can maintain its shape when heated to 200 degrees, and can be freely ironed, rolled, and touched. It is more comfortable to wear; protein silk feels closest to human hair, is often used as filler in high-end wig products, and is flame retardant.

The advantage of synthetic hair is that it does not change color, so it is often used to make gray hair.

Ox Hair

It is harder than human hair, but whiter and brighter than human hair, so it is often used to make white hair.

Each of the three hair materials has its own advantages and is therefore commonly used in different places.


Face Shape and Hairstyle

Long face shape: The hair can be made into a curly and wavy style, which can add an elegant taste. You should choose a loose and elegant hairstyle, neat and a little messy.

Round face: You should choose straight hair with a high crown and close-fitting sides. The vertical lines of straight hair can visually weaken the width of a round face.

Square face shape: It is not advisable to leave full bangs. You can use asymmetrical oblique bangs and short straight hair from the end to the cheeks.

Triangular face shape: You can choose according to the proportion of the face shape and hairstyle. When combing, the hair above the ears should be fluffy.

Inverted triangle face shape: Choose an asymmetrical hairstyle with a side parting to reveal a full forehead, and the hair ends can be slightly rough.


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